Mark RobertsDr. Mark Roberts
Program Director, Postgraduate Medical Education
604-875-5787 local 61633




Dr. Cary Cuncic
Associate Program Director, Evaluations & Remediation

IMG_0295Dr. Jane McKay
Associate Program Director, PGY4s
Dr. McKay works with our PGY4 program




Peter W.Dr. Peter Weerasinghe
MD, FRCPC, Assistant Clinical Professor
Associate Program Director, Resident Wellness
Dr. Weerasinghe is a general internist with academic interests extending beyond wellness to involve curriculum planning and quality improvement.



Dr. Wendy Cook
Associate Program Director, Curriculum Development & Academic Half Day
Dr. Cook leads our Academic Half Day Committee, works on the Whistler Retreat, and Resident Research Day

Dr. David Shanks
Director of Simulation

Dr. Shane Arishenkoff
Ultrasound Lead







Erin Bresnan
Program Manager: Postgraduate Medical Education


  • Strategic plan for curriculum
  • Resident Orientation
  • Problems of an Unusual Nature
  • Budgeting/Finance
  • Faculty and Service Evaluations
  • Create policies and procedures for program
  • Coordinate rotations, curriculum, housing with distributed sites
  • Serve on national committee
  • Royal College Accreditation
  • Special Projects
  • Resident Appeals & Dismissals
  • Special Events



Heather Bidwell (on leave)
Senior Program Assistant
604-875-4111 ext 68641
*please note Jennifer White will be responding to emails in Heather's absence*


  • Evaluations/One45
  • Residency Training Committee (RTC)
  • Low Performance Flags
  • Website Updates
  • CaRMS
  • International Health Program
  • Resident Research Day
  • Advocacy


Alex Dang
Program Assistant
604.875.4111 Local 21351

Reimbursements for Mandatory Rotations, ACLS Course, Offsite Callback
Reimbursements for Conferences, ACP memberships

Laura Moss
Program Coordinator


  • Scheduling
  • Conference Leave
  • Out of Province/Research Electives
  • Vacation/Leaves
  • Rotation Changes
  • Remediation/Probation/Appeals
  • ACP Exam



Máebh Carragher
Program Assistant
604-875-4111 ext 69734

•  Academic Half Day Schedule/Attendance
•  MKSAP & ACP Resource Checkout
•  Resident Reviews
•  Resident Letters
•  Room Booking and Videoconferencing
•  Calendar and Correspondence for Program Directors
•  Visa Trainee Interviews
•  Mentor and Research Project List
•  Mini-CEX
•  Prescription Privileges
•  Credentialing
•  Care Connect
•  Up-to-Date Subscriptions
•  End of Training Certificates


andrea - cropped






Andrea Toker
Postgraduate Education
Program Coordinator GIM & Core R4
604-682-2344 Local 62657


  • Year Four Schedule
  • GIM Fellows Admin
  • Support for Dr. Jane McKay
  • Admin Support for IM4s

Dr. Iain Mackie
Interim Director
Vancouver General Hospital

Dr. Barry Kassen
St. Paul's Hospital

Dr. Gerald Da Roza
Royal Columbian Hospital 

Dr. Sharla Olsen
Prince George Regional Hospital

Dr. Jim Spence
Royal Jubiliee & Victoria General

Dr. Graeme McCauley
Kelowna General Hospital