July 1, 2017 | NBME: Edward J. Stemmler Medical Education Research Fund

Research Area The goal of the Stemmler Fund is to provide support for research on, and development of, innovative assessment approaches that will enhance the professional development of those preparing to, or continuing to, practice medicine.
Funding Amount $150,000 for 2 years. Eligibility for funding is restricted to applicants representing medical schools accredited by the LCME and the AOA.
Sponsor National Board of Medical Examiners

Each yearly Stemmler cycle has two phases. The first, the Letter of Intent phase, begins in the spring, with a July deadline. This phase consists of a process whereby applicants are invited to submit brief, structured Letters of Intent. These Letters of Intent undergo committee evaluation, and a subset of investigators will be invited to submit full proposals.

The second, the Proposal phase, begins in the fall, with a January deadline. This phase consists of a comprehensive application process, whereby selected investigators submit full proposals. Proposals undergo peer and committee review, and one to three are selected for funding. The maximum grant award is $150,000 up to two years.

The Stemmler Fund Steering Committee members undertake evaluation of each Letter of Intent (LOI), specifically looking at the extent to which the project:


  • is innovative or will advance assessment in medical education or practice;
  • addresses an important problem or issue in medical education or practice; and
  • is likely to be successful given the described design and methodology

More information: http://www.nbme.org/research/CFLOI.html

 Deadlines Department Head signature deadline: June 26
Dean’s signature deadline: June 28
Application Deadline: July 1