Clinical Assistant Professor
Doctor of Medicine, University of Toronto. Master of Science, Harvard School of Public Health, Clinical Epidemiology
Recent Publications:

•Chan AW, Henderson MA.  Immediate catheter-directed reperfusion for acute stroke occurring during diagnostic cardiac catheterization.  Cathet Cardiovasc Interv 2006;67:314-8.
•Chan AW.  Treatment of Severe Functional Mitral Regurgitation: Is Cardiac Surgery Always Indicated?  J Invas Cardiol 2007;19:E286-9.
•Chan AW, Brown RIG.  Immediate catheterization laboratory management of acute femoral artery occlusion due to vascular closure device.  Can J Cardiol 2008;24:e47-e50.
•Chan AW. Carotid Artery Stenting by the Cardiovascular Service Department in Canada.  BCMJ 2009;51;14-9.
•Chan AW, Henderson MA.  Reorganization of the vascular care in Canada.  Can J Cardiol 2010;26:43-4.
•Chan AW.  Current Perspective on Carotid Revascularization Among Patients Who Need Cardiac Surgery.  J Invas Cardiol 2010;22:386-90