Professor Emeritus
Research Interests:

Regulation of normal tissue growth and differentiation, with particular emphasis on the elucidation of how these processes may be altered in both malignant and non-malignant human disorders. Pathophysiology of Myeloproliferative Syndromes with special emphasis on chronic myelogenous leukemia. Application of advances in cell culture technology to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of malignant disease. Use of monoclonal antibodies to cell surface antigens for cell separation and purging in autologous BMT procedures. Development of software for clinical research and laboratory procedures related to bone marrow transplantation.

Acadia University, B.Sc., , Biology and Mathematics
Dalhousie University, M.Sc. Physiology
Dalhousie University, MD
Recent Publications:

•Jorgensen HG, Copland M, Allan EK, Jiang X, Eaves A, Eaves C & Holyoake TL. Intermittent exposure of primitive quiescent chronic myeloid leukaemia cells to granulocyte colony- stimulating factor in vitro promotes their elimination by imatinib mesylate . Clin Cancer Res 12:626-633, 2006.
•Yang H, Eaves C, de Lima M, Lee M-S, Champlin RE, McMannis JD, Robinson SN, Decker WK, Xing D, Ng J, Li S, Yao X, Eaves AC, Jones R, Andersson BS & Shpall EJ. A novel triple purge strategy for eliminating chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) cells from autografts. Bone Marrow Transplant 37: 575-582, 2006.
•Christ O, Lucke K, Imren S, Leung K, Hamilton M, Eaves A, Smith C & Eaves C. Improved purification of hematopoietic stem cells based on their elevated aldehyde dehydrogenase activity. Haematologica 92: 1165-1172, 2007.
•Jiang X, Saw KM, Eaves A & Eaves C. Instability of BCR-ABL gene in primary and cultured chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells. J Natl Cancer Inst 99: 680-693, 2007.
•Jiang X, Zhao Y, Smith C, Gasparetto M, Turhan A, Eaves A & Eaves C. Chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells possess multiple unique features of resistance to BCR-ABL targeted therapies. Leukemia 21: 926-935, 2007.
•Louis SA, Rietze RL, Deleyrolle L, Wagey RE, Thomas TE, Eaves AC & Reynolds BA. Enumeration of neural stem and progenitor cells in the neural colony-forming cell assay. Stem Cells : 988-996, 2008.
•Starczynowski DT, Vercauteren S, Telenius A, Sung S, Tohyama K, Brooks-Wilson A, Spinelli JJ, Eaves CJ, Eaves AC, Horsman DE, Lam WL & Karsan A. High-resolution whole genome tiling path array CGH analysis of CD34+ cells from patients with low-risk myelodysplastic syndromes reveals cryptic copy number alterations and predicts overall and leukemia-free survival. Blood 112: 3412-3424, 2008.