Clinical Professor
Medical Oncology
B.Sc. (First Class Honours) McGill University, Montreal, Quebec Microbiology/Immunology
MD, CM McGill University, Montreal, Quebec Medicine
Recent Publications:
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Supportive and Palliative Cancer Care 2006.”

    • “Maroun J, Kocha W, Kvols L, Bjarnason G, Chen E, Germond C, Hanna S, Poitras P, Rayson D, Reid R, Rivera J, Roy A, Shah A, Sideras L, Siu L, Wong R. Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of carcinoid tumours. Part 1: The Gastrointestinal Tract. A statement from the Canadian National Carcinoid Expert Group.

Current Oncology 13:67-76, 2006.”

    • “Shah A. Treating metastatic colorectal cancer: current chemotherapy regimens with incorporation of targeted therapies

. Oncology Exchange 5:23-28, 2006.”

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