Clinical Assistant Professor
BSc University of Alberta Medical Science
MD University of Alberta
Recent Publications:
  • Chen LY, Chang SD, Sreenivasan GM, Tsang PW, Broady RC, Li CH, Zypchen LN. Dysmetabolic hyperferritinemia is associated with normal transferrin saturation, mild hepatic iron overload, and elevated hepcidin. Ann Hematol. 2011 Feb;90(2):139-43. Epub 2010 Aug 19.
  • Leger C, Leitch H, Galbraith P, Li CH, Vickars L.  Acute leukemia in patients sixty years of age and older – a twenty year single institution review.  AJCO 32(2): 137-141, 2009.
  • Ford J, Pinder K, Ovalle W, Li CH.  Pathology education in a multisite urban/rural distributed curriculum.  Human Pathology 39, 811-816, 2008.
  • Yenson P, Yoshida E, Li CH, Chung H, Tsang P.  Hyperferritinemia in the Chinese and Asian community: A retrospective review of the University of British Columbia experience.  Can J Gastroenterol 22(1): 37-40, 2008.
  • Ezzat H, Filipenko D, Vickars L, Galbraith P, Li CH, Murphy K, Montaner J, Harris M, Hogg R, Vercauteren S, Leger C, Zypchen L, Leitch H.  Improved survival in HIV-associated diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with the addition of Rituximab to chemotherapy in patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy.  HIV Clin Trials 8(3): 132-144, 2007.
  • Fung S, Hillier K, Leger C, Sandhu I, Vickars L, Galbraith P, Li CH, Leitch H.  Clinical Progression and outcome of patients with monoclonal B-cell Lymphocytosis.  Leuk Lymphoma 48(6): 1087-1091, 2007.