Clinical Assistant Professor
MD University of B.C.
Recent Publications:
  • Gibson W, Liu J, Gaylinn B, Thorner MO, Meneilly GS, Babich SL, Thompson DM, Chanoine J-P. Effects of glucose and insulin in acyl ghrelin and desacyl ghrelin, leptin and adiponectin in pregnant women with diabetes. Metabolism 2009 in press.
  • Johnson JD, Ao Z, Ao P, Li H, Dia L, He Z, Tee M, Potter KJ, Klimek AM, Meloche RM, Thompson DM, Verchere CB, Warnock GL. Different effects of FK506, rapamycin and mycophenolate mofetil on glucose-stimulated insulin release and apoptosis in human islets. Cell Transplantation 2009;18:833-45.
  • Klimek AM, Soukhatcheva G, Thompson DM, Warnock GL, Salehi M, Rilo H, D’Alessio D, Meneilly GS, Panagiotopoulos C, Verchere CB. Impaired proinsulin processing is a characteristic of transplanted islets. Am J Transplantation 2009;9:2119-2125.
  • Tham E, Liu J, Innis S, Thompson DM, Gaylinn B, Bogarin R, Haim A, Thorner M, Chanoine J-P. Acylated ghrelin concentrations are markedly decreased during pregnancy in mothers with and without gestational diabetes: relationship with cholinesterase. Am J Physiol EM 2009;296:E1093-E1100.