Clinical Assistant Professor
Research Sumary:

Clinical research in stroke and stroke prevention, with special emphasis on vascular imaging of the intra and extracranial blood vessels, epidemiology of stroke and stroke risk factors, vascular dementia, clinical trial design and analysis, racial differences in stroke, Physician knowledge regarding stroke and stroke prevention, Stroke outcome measurement, High-density lipoproteins and stroke risk, High-density lipoproteins and risk of vascular dementia, acute stroke treatments and transient cerebral ischemia.

BSc, University of British Columbia, Cell Biology
MD, University of British Columbia
FRCPC, University of British Columbia
MHSc, Duke University, Clinical Research
Recent Publications:
  • Mehdiratta M, Woolfenden AR, Chapman KM, Johnston DC, Schulzer M, Beckman J, Teal PA. Reduction in IV t-PA door to needle times using an Acute Stroke Triage Pathway. Can J Neurol Sci. 2006 May;33(2):214-6.