Clinical Assistant Professor
General Internal Medicine
Research Interests:

Medical education for medical students and residents.

DEC Health Sciences Marianopolis College
MD McGill University
Recent Publications:
  • Barraclough, KA, Stevens LA, Rosenbaum D, Brown J, Tiwari P, Levin A. Coronary artery calcification scores in patients with chronic kidney disease prior to dialysis: reliability as a trial outcome measure. NDT 2008 23: 3199-3205.
  • Levin, A, Djurdjev O, Duncan J, Rosenbaum, D, Werb R. Hemoglobin at time of referral prior to dialysis predicts survival: an association of haemoglobin with long-term outcomes. NDT 2006 Feb;21(2):370-7.
  • Rosenbaum D, MacRae JM, Djursjev O, Levin A, Werb R, Kiaii M. Surveillance cultures of tunneled cuffed catheter exit sites in chronic hemodialysis patients are of no benefit. Hemodialysis International, 2006,10(4):365-70.