Clinical Associate Professor
Research Sumary:

AIDS Neurology, Multiple Sclerosis – clinical care of patients with Multiple Sclerosis and clinical trials of treatments for Multiple Sclerosis.

MD University of Saskatchewan
Recent Publications:
  • •Boz C, Oger J, Gibbs E, Grossberg SE and the Neurologists of the UBC MS Clinic. Reduced effectiveness of long-term interferon-B treatment on relapses in neutralizing antibody positive multiple sclerosis patients: a Canadian multiple sclerosis clinic-based study. Multiple Sclerosis 2007; 13: 1127-1137.
  • •Pfeffer G, Prout A, Hooge, J, Maguire J. Biopsy-proven immune reconstitution syndrome in a patient with AIDS and cerebral toxoplasmosis. Neurology 2009;73:321-322.