Clinical Assistant Professor
Vision Statement:

My goal is to evaluate health outcomes in patients with heart rhythm disorders to better identify who is at risk, who requires treatment and how best to deliver care in our health care system.  

Research Interests:

Cardiac electrophysiology, premature ventricular contractions and heart failure; ventricular tachycardia therapy and outcomes, health outcomes in catheter ablation, epidemiology

Research Summary:

The primary focus of my research is evaluating the impact of frequent extra heart beats arising from the ventricle, or bottom chamber of the heart, on outcomes in patients with poor heart function (heart failure).  These extra beats may make heart function worse and are a potential new target to improve the lives of patients with heart failure.

Another major focus of my research is the evaluation of optimal care after catheter ablation, a minimally invasive surgery, to treat atrial fibrillation.  Atrial fibrillation is a chaotic heart rhythm of the top chambers that can lead to severe symptoms and stroke.

University of Calgary, 2009, MSc Epi
University of Alberta, 2002, MD
Heart Rhythm Research, Director
Electrophysiology Laboratory – SPH Site, Director
Recent Publications:

(1) Deyell MW , Cooper JM. (2015). VT Reduction with Ablation: A Transitive Relation to Mortality Rate?. Heart rhythm.

(2) Padfield GJ , Steinberg C , Bennett MT , Chakrabarti S , Deyell MW , Bashir J , Krahn AD. (2015). Preventing Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device Infections.Heart rhythm.

(3) Deyell MW , Krahn AD , Goldberger JJ. (2015). Sudden cardiac death risk stratification.Circulation Research. 116(12): 1907-18.

(4) Steinberg C , Deyell MW. (2015). Right bundle branch block affecting the morphology of septal right ventricular outflow tract premature ventricular beats.Journal of cardiovascular electrophysiology. 26(5): 569.

(5) Andrade JG, Monir G, Pollak SJ, Khairy P, Dubuc M, Roy D, Talajic M, Deyell M, Rivard L, Thibault B, Guerra PG, Nattel S, Macle L. (2014). Pulmonary vein isolation using “contact force” ablation: the effect on dormant conduction and long-term freedom from recurrent atrial fibrillation–a prospective study. Heart Rhythm. 11(11): 1919-1924.

Awards & Recognition:

2015 – Canadian Cardiovascular Society Atrial Fibrillation Research Award

2014 – Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar Award