Clinical Associate Professor
Infectious Diseases
Research Interests:

HIV and aging –part of a leading Canadian group of assessing Neurocognition in HIV
HIV in women
HIV/HCV Co-infection, HIV/HPV

MD Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel
Recent Publications:
  • Emery J, Pick N, Mills EJ, Cooper CL. Gender differences in clinical, immunological, and virological outcomes in highly active antiretroviral-treated HIV-HCV coinfected patients. Patient Prefer Adherence. 2010 May 13;4:97-103.
  • Miller C, McMullin B, Ghaffari A, Stenzler A, Pick N, Roscoe D, Ghahary A, Road J, Av-Gay Y. Gaseous nitric oxide bactericidal activity retained during intermittent high-dose short duration exposure. Nitric Oxide. 2009 Feb;20(1):16-23.
  • Klein MB, Saeed S, Yang H, Cohen J, Conway B, Cooper C, Cote P, Cox J, Gill J, Haase D, Haider S, Montaner J, Pick N, rachlis A, Rouleau D, Sandre R, Tyndall M, Walmsley S. Cohort Profile: The Canadian HIV-Hepatitis C Co-infection Cohort Study. Int J Epidemiol 2009 Sept, in press.
  • Pick N, Rawat M, Arad D, Lan J, Fan J, Kende AS, Av-Gay Y. In vitro properties of antimicrobial bromotyrosine alkaloids. J Med Microbiol 2006 Apr;55 (Pt 4) 407-15.