Clinical Instructor
Research Interests:

Applications of deep brain stimulation in treatment of movement disorders and in mood disorders, Brain injury rehabilitation, Health-related Quality of Life, Measurement of Dissimulation in Neuropsychological Testing, Neuropsychological Functioning after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.


McMaster University, Honours Psychology , B.A.
University of Victoria, Clinical Neuropsychology , M.Sc.
University of Victoria, Clinical Neuropsychology., Ph.D.
Recent Publications:

•Iaria G, Bogod, N, Fox CJ, Barton JJS.  Congenital topographical disorientation: case one.  Neuropsychologia 2009; 47:30-40.
•Coenen VA, Abdel-Rahman A, McMaster J, Bogod N, Honey CR. Minimizing Brain Shift during Functional Neurosurgical Procedures – A Simple Burr Hole Technique that can Decrease CSF Loss and Intracranial Air. Central European Neurosurgery 2011;72(4):181-5.