Clinical Fellow
Research Interests:

transcatheter aortic valve replacement, structural heart disease, balloon valvuloplasty, percutaneous shunt closure, coronary angioplasty


Research Sumary:

Dr. Binder is currently working on the optimization of transcatheter valve deployment and the impact of transcatheter aortic valve replacement on acquired von Willebrand disease. The refinement of transcatheter aortic valve replacement will improve patient outcome and perioperative medical management.


Recent Publications:

Coronary stenting through 4 french diagnostic catheter.
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Binder RK, Khattab AA.
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Burden of Abdominal Obesity in Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients: Results from the Swiss CaRe Study.
Binder RK, Schmid JP, Barth J, Saner H.
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Impact of a cardiac rehabilitation programme on exercise capacity, parameters of left ventricular function and health-related quality of life in chronic heart failure patients.
Schmid JP, Blatter-Buehler P, Gaillet R, Binder RK, Walker Schmid R,
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Haemodynamic and arrhythmic effects of moderately cold (22 degrees C) water immersion and swimming in patients with stable coronary artery disease and heart failure.
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No sports – was Churchill right after all?
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Methodological Approach to the First and Second Lactate Threshold in Incremental Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing.
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