Clinical Associate Professor
FRCPC University of British Columbia Internal Medicine
MD University of British Columbia Medicine
Recent Publications:
  • Sirrs S and Clarke JTR.  Algalsidase therapy for Fabry Disease.  Expert Review of Endocrinology and Metabolism. 2007 2(20:147-54.
  • Sirrs S, Laule Cornelia ,  Mädler Burkhard,  Brief Elana E , Tahir Sumia A , Bishop Carole, and MacKay Alex L. Normal appearing white matter in subjects with phenylketonuria: water content, myelin water fraction, and metabolite concentrations.  Radiology. 2007;242:236-43.
  • Laule C, Vavasour IM,  Madler, Kolind SH, Sirrs SM, Traboulsee AL, Moore GR W, Li D, Li DKB, and MacKay AL.  MR evidence of long T2 water in pathological white matter.  Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 2007;26:1117-21.
  • Andrade JA, Waters PW, Singh RS, Levin AL, Toh BC, Vallance HD and Sirrs S.  Screening for Fabry disease in patients with chronic kidney disease: limitations of plasma ?-galactosidase assay as a screening test. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2008 3: 139-145.
  • Mattman A, Urquhart N, Holmes D, Dimmick J, Sirrs S, Rahalkar AR, and Hegele R.  An unusual case of severe hypertriglyceridemia and splenomegaly.  Clinical Chemistry 2008:54:606-10.
  • Vallance H, Sirrs S, Bamforth F, and Stocker S.   Newborn screening in North America – Response to Therrell et al.  J Inher Metab Dis.  2008;31:777-8.
  • Wiesinger HAR, Shah J, White A, Yoshida EM, Frohlich J, Sirrs S, Gill S, Byrne MF.  Liver biochemistry abnormalities in a quaternary care lipid clinic database.  Annals of Hepatology 2008;7(1):63-66.
  • Kalyan S, Hitchcock C, Sirrs S, Pudek M, and Prior JC.  Cardiovascular and metabolic effects of medroxyprogesterone acetate versusconjugated equine estrogen: a one-year randomized double-blind trial following premenopausal hyterectomy with bilateral ovariectomy.  Pharmacotherapy 2009 (in press).
  • Sirrs S,  Clarke JTR, Bichet DG, Casey R, Lemoine K, Flowerdew G, Sinasac DS and West ML. Baselinecharacteristics of patients enrolled in the Canadian Fabry Disease Initiative.  Mol Genet Metab 2009 (in press).