Assistant Professor
Medical Oncology
Vision Statement:

By improving how cancer care is delivered to marginalized populations and enhancing the follow-up that current cancer patients receive, I hope that my research will allow more cancer patients to become long-term cancer survivors.

Research Interests:

cancer disparities and cancer survivorship

Research Sumary:

My primary interest is health services research in oncology, especially large, population-based research projects that aim to ensuring equitable access to cancer care across all socio-demographic groups, enhancing delivery of new and more effective treatments to the marginalized subsets of the population, and promoting the long-term health among cancer survivors. I work closely with health administrative datasets and a variety of survey instruments to answer relevant clinical research questions. Most recently, I conducted analyses showing that expectations for follow-up care between cancer survivors and their physicians were highly discordant and how this discrepancy poses a negative impact on patient outcomes. I am currently evaluating a number of interventions to improve on the care and quality of life for these cancer survivors.

Doctor of Medicine, University of British Columbia
Master of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts.
Recent Publications:
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Awards & Recognition:

National Cancer Institute of Canada Dorothy Lamont Award; Novartis Oncology Young Canadian Investigator Award; Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer New Investigator Award; American Society of Clinical Oncology Merit Award.