Curriculum Vitae


When you are first hired, you will be asked to fill out a UBC CV. This CV will be kept in a Department database. Please send any updates or new versions of your CV and publication list to the CV Specialist, Sabina Fitzsimmons using “track changes”.

CVs for funding agencies

Many granting agencies in Canada now use the Common CV system. Once you enter your information in the Common CV, it is simply a matter of selecting the appropriate agency from a list and a correctly-formatted CV is created for you. In order to be efficient come grant-writing time, it is important to make sure your CommonCV is updated regularly.

Warning: The initial completion of the CommonCV can take quite a bit of time. Plan to have it done well in advance. You will need to register to be able to use the Common CV system.

Some agencies require a PIN number in order to validate your Common CV in their particular format. Check with the specific agency to find out how. There is a list of common Canadian funding agencies and a direct link to their web sites in the “Funding” section of this Guide.

For agencies which do not use CommonCV, be careful to follow the instructions they provide precisely. If you have questions about CommonCV or CVs for other funding agencies, you can contact the department Research Manager. Please note that close to grant deadlines for major competitions (September, March, June) the response time may be long, so please get your questions in early.

US granting agencies use a different format, based on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Biosketch. Even if you are not applying to the NIH at this time, it is a good idea to have your own NIH Biosketch ready to go.