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Note: the DOM has a 48 hour turnaround policy for signatures. Please submit your Department Head
signature requests directly to Jody Swift/Sabina Fitzsimmons in the Department of Medicine Research Office.
Dr. Teresa Tsang, Acting Co-Head is signing for Research. Read more about getting signatures here. 

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Researcher in Focus

Julie Robillard
Assistant Professor, Neurology | PhD Julie Robillard is a recently appointed Assistant Professor of Neurology that leads a research program at the intersection of dementia, ethics, and technology. Her current research is aimed at evaluating the quality and ethics of online health information and computerized tools for dementia screening and diagnosis. Dr. Robillard holds a B.Sc. […] Read More >

Nadia Khan
Associate Professor, General Internal Medicine | MD, MSc Dr. Khan is a clinician researcher and general internist at St. Paul’s Hospital and scientific member of the Center for Health Evaluation and Outcomes Sciences (CHEOS). Her central motivation is aimed at providing acute and chronic disease management for vulnerable populations. Through these activities she is member […] Read More >