Obtain Approval(s)

Approval Cycle

General Approval Information:

At the beginning any research study it is the responsibility of the investigator to determine if their study requires ethical approval and ensure they have all the necessary approvals in place before collecting any data. All research studies require both ethical and operational approval, but the process may look different depending on which hospital site or location you are working at. Please ensure that you read and understand the approval requirements for your site. If you have any questions please contact the Research Office.

Use the links provided in the following table to connect directly to site specific instructions for completing necessary forms. For assistance or signatures please contact the Department of Medicine Research Manager.


REB Approval

Operational Approval

PIA Required


Vancouver Coast Health CREB, BREB Yes If requested Operational approval must be renewed with yearly ethics renewal
Providence Health PHC REB Yes If requested
Fraser Health FH REB Yes Yes Investigators will be given an Letter of Authorization when all of the approvals are in place, no research can occur before this letter is received

Who Needs to Apply for Ethical Review?

According to the TCPS 2 (article 2.1) any research which involves human participants or live biological material which is executed through a disciplined inquiry using scientific methods requires review.

Not every project requires ethical review. The following is a list of projects which do not require ethical review:

  • Quality assurance / quality improvement
  • Program evaluation
  • Research which relies exclusively on publicly available information
  • Observational research carried out in public where there is no expectation of privacy
  • Research relying exclusively on secondary use of anonymous biological materials
  • Case reports which include one or two individuals

If you feel that your project qualifies as exempt from review it is strongly encouraged that you consult with a member from your local UBC REB to ensure.

For more information about ethics please consult the UBC Research Ethics Guidance Notes.

The UBC REB Approval Process

All UBC affiliated researchers are required to apply to a UBC affiliated REB for their research studies. Both human and animal research applications are completed through the online RISe system. If you are not familiar with the RISe system please see the RISe tutorials for assistance.

Deadlines for 2017 REB Submissions

Below is a list of the 2015 deadlines for the two main REB boards used by Department of Medicine members. To ensure your application is reviewed it will need to be approved first by the Department of Medicine, Department Head. For this reason the department deadline is 1 day prior to the respective REB deadlines. Please do not submit your application on Friday morning and expect that it will be approved before the CREB deadline.

UBC Clinical Research Ethics Board (CREB)

Manager: Pia Ganz
(604) 875 – 4149

Departmental Deadline
(4:00 pm)
Submission Deadline
(12:00 pm)
Review Date
December 15
January 12
December 16
January 13
January 10
January 24
February 2
February 16
February 3
February 17
February 14
February 28
March 2

March 16

 March 3

March 17

March 14
March 28
March 30
April 13
March 31
April 14
April 11
April 25
April 27
May 11
April 28
May 12
May 9
May 23
June 1
June 15
June 2
June 16
June 13
June 27
June 29
July 13
June 30
July 14
July 11
July 25
July 27
August 10
July 28
August 11
August 8
August 22
August 31
September 14
September 1
September 15
September 12
September 26
September 28
October 12
September 29
October 13
October 10
October 24
November 2
November 16
November 3
November 17
November 14
November 28
November 30
December 14
December 1
December 15
December 12
January 2017

UBC Providence Health Care Research Ethics Board (PHCREB) – Please note these are 2016 dates (2017 dates are not yet released)

Manager: Michelle Storms
(604) 682 – 2344 ext. 63496
Departmental Deadline
(4:00 pm)
Submission Deadline
Review Date
January December 31 January 1 January 29
February February 4 February 5 February 26
February 25
February 26 March 18
March 31
April 1
April 29
May 5
May 6 May 27
June 2
June 3 June 24
June 30
July 1 July 29
August 4
August 5 August 26
September 1
September 2
September 30
October 6
October 7
October 28
November 3
November 4
November 25
November 10
November 11
December 9