Terms of Reference

The Academic Appointments, Reappointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee (AARPT) reviews files for appointment, promotion and academic reappointment reviews.  The Committee is comprised of members from the academic and clinical streams who discuss and vote on cases as a group.

The Committee is comprised of Associate Professors, Professors, Clinical Associate Professors and Clinical Professors who are elected by their peers in an annual vote. 

The Committee is chaired by the Head, UBC Department of Medicine.  The Associate Head, Education and the Associate Head, Academic Affairs will also sit on the Committee.  These members will hold non-voting memberships, and will be considered ongoing members.

If the Chair is unable to attend, the Chair will appoint another member of the Committee to Chair the meeting, who is at the rank of Professor.

Members are appointed for three year terms.  If members wish to be considered for a second three-year term, they will need to be re-elected by the members of the Department.

Cases discussed by the Committee are to remain strictly confidential.  Correspondence from the AARPT Committee to the candidates in question will always be through the Committee Chair.  Any inquiries about the status of a case are to be referred to the Committee Chair.

Frequency of Meetings
Meetings are set at the beginning of each academic year for the entire year.  There is an average of two meetings booked each month.  Meetings are always held on Monday mornings, 7:30 to 8:30 am at VGH.

It is expected that members of the Committee will attend at least 50% of meetings.  If a member’s attendance is poor, the Chair may ask that member to step down.

Quorum for all cases is three eligible voters.

Vote Eligibility
All Committee members may vote on each case, however votes are formally recorded as follows:

Case Rank AARPT members whose votes may be formally counted
Appointment as Clinical Instructor Clinical Associate Professors & Clinical Professors
Appointment as or promotion to Clinical Assistant Professor  Clinical Associate Professors & Clinical Professors
Appointment as or promotion to Clinical Associate Professor  Clinical Associate Professors & Clinical Professors
Appointment as or promotion to Clinical Professor Clinical Professors
Appointment as or reappointment as Assistant Professor or Associate Professor Associate Professors & Professors
Appointment as, reappointment as, or promotion to Associate Professor Associate Professors & Professors
Appointment as or promotion to Professor Professors

Conduct of the Meeting

The Chair conducts the meeting and does not vote.  In cases where the Chair perceives a conflict of interest with one of the candidates being reviewed, he or she will appoint an alternate Chair.  The Associate Chair also does not vote.

Committee members present are expected to vote on all cases, and are discouraged from abstaining since abstentions are generally viewed as negative votes.

Members unable to attend the meeting may submit a written opinion to the Chair prior to the meeting for oral transmission to the Committee.

Minutes are taken by the Faculty Hires and Promotions Coordinator during the meeting, and he or she will have them approved by the Chair before they are filed.  Each meetings minutes, agenda and voting sheet are kept in a binder.  The portion of the minutes covering each candidate are also filed in the candidate’s human resources file.

Other Business
Occasionally, the Committee may discuss other items of business related to the appointments and promotion process.  These discussion items will be noted in the minutes.

Case Review
When the agenda is created, two Committee members will be assigned to each case on the agenda.  It is the expectation that each member assigned to the case will thoroughly familiarize themselves with the case they will be presenting.  The first member assigned will present the case to the Committee, and the second member assigned will provide any additional information that they feel is appropriate.

Cases are assigned to members who are not in the same division as the candidate, and to Committee members who are in the same stream (clinical or full time) and at or above the rank being proposed for the candidate.

AARPT Committee Members as of September 2019

Dr. O. Benavente, Professor, Neurology

Dr. W. Bowie, Professor, Infectious Diseases

Dr. M. Carruthers, Clinical Associate Professor, Rheumatology

Dr. K. Chapman, Clinical Associate Professor, Neurology

Dr. S. Chia, Professor, Medical Oncology

Dr. E. Conway, Professor, Hematology

Dr. A. Fung, Clinical Professor, Cardiology,

Dr. H. Ezzat, Clinical Associate Professor, Hematology

Dr. J. Gill, Professor, Nephrology

Dr. R. Hatala, Professor, General Internal Medicine

Dr. C. Holmes, Clinical Professor, Critical Care

Dr. S. Jaffer, Clinical Professor, Community Internal Medicine

Dr. P. Keown, Professor, Nephrology

Dr. V. Lima, Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases

Dr. C. Lohrisch, Clinical Associate Professor, Medical Oncology

Dr. S. Nantel, Clinical Professor, Hematology

Dr. B. Paty, Clinical Associate Professor, Endocrinology

Dr. M. Roberts, Clinical Professor, General Internal Medicine

Dr. S. Taylor, Clinical Associate Professor, Community Internal Medicine

Dr. A. Townson, Associate Head Education, Clinical Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (non-voting)

Dr. S. van Eeden, Professor, Respiratory Medicine

Dr. E. Yoshida, Professor, Gastroenterology

Dr. D. Lacaille, Associate Head Academic Affairs DoM, Professor, Rheumatology (non-voting)