Name Area of Responsibility Telephone
Atwater, Kelsie Administrative Assistant to the Department Head 604-875-4045
Carrasco, Monica Undergraduate Senior Program Assistant, Year 4 604-875-4111 x 63288
Cheng, Natalie Postgraduate Senior Program Assistant 604-875-4111 x 68641
Combs, Donna Administrative Coordinator to the Department Head 604-875-5613
Dang, Alex PGME IM Project Coordinator 604-875-4111 X66362
Dhillon, Gazal Market Research Analyst 604-875-4111 X69734
Doig, Madeline Human Resources Assistant 604-875-4111 x62328
Fitzsimmons, Sabina Undergraduate Senior Program Assistant, SPH & VGH 604 875-4111 x 63249
Golding, Laurie Communications and Office Manager 604-875-4160
Grenier, Amanda HR Manager 604-875-4111 X69798
Jalalkamali, Yasaman Research Assistant 604-875-4111 X66744
Lee, Allison Human Resources Assistant 604-875-5429
Liu, Mary Director of Administration (on Maternity Leave) 604-875-4771
Meredith, Anna Research Manager 604-875-4111 x 21503
Moss, Laura Postgraduate Program Manager 604-875-4166
Nightingale, Melissa Postgraduate Program Coordinator 604-875-5787
Salvatierra, Jenny Undergraduate Senior Program Assistant 604-682-2344 x 62660
Sial, Ana Human Resources Assistant 604-875-4772
Standeven, Kathy Senior Education Manager 604-875-4164
Toker, Andrea GIM and R4 Program Coordinator 604-682-2344 x 62657
Valencia, Jeanne Undergraduate Senior Program Assistant  604-875-4111 x 69735
Villegas, Adriana Undergraduate Senior Program Assistant 604-875-4111 x 66817

Ward, Niki


Postgraduate Program Assistant 604-875-4111 x21351
Xu, Kelly Program Assistant, Research & Experimental Medicine 604-875-4111 x 63140
Zhang, Jane Faculty Hires & Promotions Manager 604-875-4111 x 63086