Clinical Faculty Affairs Committee

Terms of Reference


Members:  A clinical faculty member will be elected from each division and will sit on the committee for a three-year term.  Members may continue to represent their division after three years with approval of the division head and the department head.

Chair:  The Chair is nominated by the committee members and elected by the clinical faculty members.  The Chair attends monthly Departmental Executive Committee meetings and monthly Faculty of Medicine Clinical Faculty Affairs Committee meetings as the departmental representative.  The Chair reports to the department head and is appointed for a term of three years (July 1st – June 30th).


a) to provide members with information from the Faculty of Medicine Clinical Faculty Affairs Committee meetings and relevant information from the Department of Medicine Executive Committee meetings
b) to discuss the academic policy concerns of clinical faculty as they relate to appointment and promotion, recognition and remuneration, faculty educational development, Department of Medicine representation and other issues of this nature.
c) to vote on specific issues


  • the committee meets quarterly, and when called by the Chair
  • the Chair’s office organizes the meetings