The Teaching Tracking and Payment System


The Teaching Tracking and Payment System (TTPS) is a new, province-wide system, which the Faculty of Medicine will use to document the teaching contributions of Clinical Faculty who teach in the MD Undergraduate Program (MDUP). This system will enable improved administrative processes for managing Clinical Faculty information and payments.

TTPS will provide quarterly teaching statements for Clinical Faculty who teach in the MDUP. These statements will:

  • Detail teaching activities and payment amounts (when eligible);
  • Allow Clinical Faculty to review teaching activities and identify any inaccuracies; and
  • Provide a record of teaching contributions that can be used for reappointment, promotion and other recognition opportunities.


If you have questions about TTP, please see the departmental contacts below:

Topic Contact Name & Job Title Phone Number
New Clinical Faculty Appointment,
Existing Clinical Faculty Appointment, or
Campus Wide Log In, Personal Information Updates, Direct Deposit Enrollment
Jane Zhang
Faculty Hires and Promotion Manager
Ext 63086