2022 Academic Renewal

The Faculty of Medicine (FOM) has announced an academic renewal competition funded at 80% by UBC centrally. There are six (6) Assistant Professor positions available across the FOM and the positions must be in the areas of either translational medicine, data science, and/or virtual/rural remote health. The Department of Medicine (DOM) is able to submit three (3) academic renewal proposals in total.

There will be an internal review of all DOM academic renewal proposals received and if there are more than three (3) proposals received, only three (3) will move forward to the FOM.

The DOM internal deadline for all academic renewal applications is Tuesday, August 2, 2022 by noon (12pm)

Below are the overview documents, as well as the proposal template forms for each of the three identified areas:

Please note the following:

  • These will be tenure track appointments funded at 80% centrally by UBC. The remaining 20% must be funded by the unit so there is an ongoing funding commitment.
    • Because the DOM is in a structural deficit, divisions are strongly encouraged to seek external or other non-GPO sources of funding for the 20%. Having external funds for the 20% will not change the track of these appointments. They will remain tenure track. The Dean will make the final decision on proposals funded by units in structural deficit.
  • There is a funding cap at $140K for starting salary. Any amount over $140K will need to be funded in full by the unit.
  • Start-up funding and any renovation costs will be split 50/50 between the Division and UBC Central. There is a start-up cap of $200K and a renovation cap of $200K. Costs above the cap will need to be funded in full by the Division.
  • Advertising, recruitment, and relocation costs will be split 50/50 by the Division and UBC Central to a total cap of $30K.
  • Divisions must fund $25K for housing costs with the other $25K being funded by UBC Central.
  • Funding must be validated by the FOM Finance Team before a proposal can be submitted to the FOM. Please submit this information to Sharon.Duguid@ubc.ca prior to submitting your final proposal to the DOM
  • Identified space must be approved by the FOM Facilities Team prior to the submission deadline.

Please submit your completed academic renewal application package to amanda.milord@ubc.ca by noon (12pm) on August 2nd.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact amanda.milord@ubc.ca