Mentoring Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

Director, Mentoring Program:  Dr. Diane Lacaille, Associate Head Academic Affairs, UBC Department of Medicine


  • Dr. Thomas Kerr
  • Dr. John Mancini
  • Dr. Graydon Meneilly
  • Dr. Anita Palepu
  • Dr. Neil Reiner

Mentoring Program Assistant

  • Jane Zhang, Faculty Hires and Promotions Manager, UBC Department of Medicine


  1. Review and update current mentoring program and materials.
  2. Revise the Mentoring Program and define roles and expectations of mentors while making the mentoring process more flexible, incorporate new approaches.
  3. Clearly define roles and expectations of mentors.
  4. Get buy-in from mentors, rewards, program/processes
  5. Get buy-in from mentees.
  6. Engage Division heads in the mentoring process.
  7. Work with Department Head to :
    a) assign mentors to all existing Assistant Professors in the Department.
    b) Ensure all newly recruited Assistant Professors are matched with a mentor before their position start dates
    c) Define a feasible mentoring plan during the recruitment process and specify it in the recruitment letter
  8. Track the mentor: mentee pairs to ensure regular meetings are occurring and that the relationship is functioning to the satisfaction of each member of the paid.
  9. Report to the Department Head, Department Executive and the Recruitment and Resources Committee from time to time as appropriate

Meeting Schedule
The committee will meet quarterly.

Chair reports to the Department Head.

Role of Mentoring Program Assistant
a) Schedule meetings; prepare agendas, take minutes, book rooms, etc.
b) Assist in the preparation of the letters and packages for mentors and mentees
c) Keep track of the status of mentor: mentee pairs
d) Assist in the updating of the mentoring program web page