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Department of Medicine Faculty Recognized by Faculty of Medicine
February 28, 2014The Department of Medicine is proud of all its members, and is happy to announce that some of our outstanding faculty have been recognized by the 2012 Faculty of Medicine awards. Clinical Faculty Awards for Excellence in Clinical Teaching Recognizes excellence in teaching by clinical faculty members. Andrew Travlos, Clinical Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation […] Read More >


A team led by Dr. John Schrader, Professor in the Division of Haematology, have published a new paper in the jounral Frontiers in Immunology that may pave the way for new, more universal, flu vaccines.
February 28, 2014Their study examined the antibodies produced by patients who were infected with the 2009 pandemic H1N1 flu virus, and those who were vaccinated against the virus. They found that many of the antibodies produced in response to the virus recognized a particular portion of the flu virus particle, called the stem.  Most current vaccines cause […] Read More >


Dr. Julio Montaner, Professor and Head of the Division of AIDS and Director of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, has recieved a prestigious award for service to the people of Austria.
February 28, 2014The Grand Decoration of Honour for Service to Austria is awarded by the Government of Austria in recognition of outstanding contribution to the public. The award was given to Dr. Montaner to recognize his contribution to the advances in HIV/AIDS treatment, which has improved the lives of HIV-positive individuals around the world. Dr. Montaner’s lifelong […] Read More >

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