Cardiac Electrophysiologist
301-740 Hillside Ave
Victoria, BC V8T 1Z4
Harvard University, 2012, Electrophysiology Training Program
University of Calgary, 2011, Calgary Electrophysiology Training Program
University of Toronto, 2010, Internal Medicine Residency
University of Toronto, 2007, Internal Medicine Residency
University of Toronto, 2004, Medical Doctor
University of British Columbia, 1999, Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering, Electro-Mechanical Design Master of Engineering
Recent Publications:

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Awards & Recognition:

October 2011: Peter F Russell Clinical Cardiology Fellowship Award, Calgary, Alberta

  • Award is presented annually to the clinical fellow who is considered to best exemplify Dr. Russell’s passion for medicine and patients

June 2004:  The Delbert S. Hoare Award, Toronto, Ontario

  • Awarded by the University of Toronto Medical Alumni Association for leadership and commitment during medical school

June 2004:  Medical Society Honour Award, Toronto, Ontartio

  • Awarded by the University of Toronto Medical Society for support and leadership during medical school

November 2003:  PAIRO Trust Fund 2003 Citizenship Award, Toronto, Ontario

  • Awarded for significant contribution to medical student life while maintaining an above average academic standing

November 2002:  Mary L. Cassidy Award, Toronto, Ontario

  • Awarded for outstanding contributions to the University of Toronto extracurricular activities