Clinical Assistant Professor
Okanagan Movement Disorder Clinic
Walter Anderson Building, 2nd Floor
2251 Pandosy Street, Kelowna
Research Interests:

Parkinson’s disease, information techonology, noninvasive disease monitoring, telemedicine, neuroimaging, genetics.

Research Summary:

Dr. Wile is a Neurologist with clinical and research activities focusing on Parkinson Disease. Interests include the application of information techonology and telemedicine services to unique clinical needs (e.g. remote assessment of movement disorders) and geographical needs 9e.g. underserved areas). Research interests also include dysfunction of non-dopamine brain chemical systems in Parkinson Disease. He is Principal Investigator for ParkinSMART, a study of symptom monitoring and activity recording technology in Parkinson Disease, and a site Principal Investigator for a clinical trail of disease-modifying therapy in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. He is also a Clinical Education Leader for Neurology at the UBC Southern Medical Program in Kelowna.

Psychology, University of British Columbia, BSc
Behavioral Neuroscience, McGill University, MSc
University of Calgary, MD
Member, Postgraduate Medical Education Neurology Residency Training Committee
Member, Interior Health Authority Research Ethics Board
Recent Publications:

Liu, SY, Wile, DJ, Fu, JF, Valerio, J, Shahinfard, E, McCormick, S, Mabrouk, R, …. The effect of LRRK2 mutations on the cholinergic system in manifest and premanifest stages of Parkinson’s disease: a cross-sectional PET study. The Lancet Neurology. 2018; 17(4), 309-316
Fu, JF, Klyuzhin, I, Liu, S, Shahinfard, E, Vafai, N, McKenzie, J, Neilson, N, …. Investigation of serotonergic Parkinson’s disease-related covariance pattern using [11C]-DASB/PET. NeuroImage: Clinical. 2018; 19, 652-660
Matarazzo, M, Wile, D, Mackenzie, M, Stoessl, AJ. PET Molecular Imaging in Familial Parkinson’s Disease.. International review of neurobiology. 2018; 142, 177-223
Mackle, T, Wile, D. Arachnoid cysts and adult onset epilepsy. Canadian Medical Association Journal 189 (7), E280-. 2017;, e280
Perez‐Soriano, A, Arena, JE, Dinelle, K, Miao, Q, McKenzie, J, Neilson, N, …. PBB3 imaging in parkinsonian disorders: evidence for binding to tau and other proteins. Movement Disorders. 2017; 32(7), 1016-1024
Wile, DJ, Agarwal, PA, Schulzer, M, Mak, E, Dinelle, K, Shahinfard, E, Vafai, N, …. Serotonin and dopamine transporter PET changes in the premotor phase of LRRK2 parkinsonism: cross-sectional studies. The Lancet Neurology. 2017; 16(5), 351-359
Wile, DJ, Sossi, V, Stoessl, AJ. Reply to letter to the editor: Is there anything more to learn from SWEDD?. Movement Disorders. 2016; 31(9), 1426-1428
DJ, SAJ Wile, K, Dinelle, N, Vafai, J, McKenzie, JK, Tsui, P, Schaffer, …, Ding YS. A scan without evidence is not evidence of absence: Scans without evidence of dopaminergic deficit in a symptomatic leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 mutation carrier.. Movement Disorders. 2016; 31(3), 405-409
Wile, DJ, Ranawaya, R, Kiss, ZHT. Smart watch accelerometry for analysis and diagnosis of tremor. Journal of neuroscience methods. 2014; 230, 1-4
Wile, DJ, Warner, J, Murphy, W, Lafontaine, AL, Hanson, A, Furtado, S. Referrals, wait times and diagnoses at an urgent neurology clinic over 10 years. Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences. 2014; 41(2), 260-264
Wile, DJ, Pringsheim, TM. Behavior therapy for Tourette syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Current treatment options in neurology. 2013; 15(4), 385-395
Wile, D, Dhaliwal, H, Sarna, JR, Molnar, CP, Scott, JN, Costello, F, Furtado, S, …. Diaschisis as the presenting feature in sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. JAMA neurology. 2013; 70(3), 408-409

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