Adjunct Professor
BSChE, University of Michigan, Chemical Engineering
MSc, Northwestern University, Biomedical Engineering
PhD, University of Southern California, Physiology and Biophysics
Recent Publications:
  • •Atkinson, L.L., Benkoczi, C., Finegood, D. T., Mcdonald-Dyck, C. Effect of Chronic Rosiglitazone, Metformin and Glyburide Treatment on Beta-Cell Function and Insulin Sensitivity in ZDF Rats. (In press, Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 2007).
  • •Daar, A.S., Singer, P.A., Persad, D.L., Pramming, S.K., Matthews, D.R., Beaglehole, Alan Bernstein, R., Borysiewicz, L.K., Colagiuri, S., Ganguly, N., Glass, R.I., Finegood, D.T., Koplan, J., Nabel, N.G., Sarna, G., Sarrafzadegan, N., Smith, R., Yach, D.,and Bell, J. Grand Challenges in Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases: The top 20 policy and research priorities for conditions such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Nature 450: 494-496, 2007.
  • •Finegood, D. T.  Can We Improve Nutritional Health at an Affordable Price? Canadian Issues Journal: 46-52, Winter 2006.
  • •Finegood, D. T. The Agenda for Obesity Research in Canada. Part of 2006 Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Management and Prevention of Obesity in Adults and Children. Canadian Medical Association Journal 176: 111-114, 2007.
  • •Fraser, S., Strom, A., Wang, G., Finegood, D.T. Pronounced cytosolic aggregation of cellular prion protein in pancreatic ß-cells in response to hyperglycemia. Laboratory Investigation 87: 139-149, 2007.
  • •Marée, A. F., Kublik, R., Finegood, D.T., Edelstsein-Keshet, L.  Modelling the onset of type 1 diabetes: can impaired macrophage phagocytosis make the difference between health and disease?  Phil Trans R Soc A. 364: 1267-1282, 2006.
  • •Maree, A.F.M., Komba, M., Finegood, D.T., Edelstein-Keshet, L. A quantitative comparison of rates of phagocytosis and digestion of apoptotic cells by macrophages from normal (BALB/c) and diabetes-prone (NOD) mice (In press 2007, J Applied Physiology).
  • •O’Brien, B.A., Geng, X., Orteu, C.H.., Huang, Y., Ghoreishi, M., Zhang, Y., Bush, J.A., Li, G., Finegood, D.T., Dutz, J.P.  A deficiency in the in vivo clearance of apoptotic cells is a feature of the NOD mouse.  J. Autoimmun. 26: 104-115, 2006.
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  • •Atkinson, L.L., Topp, B.G., Au, J., Vinerian, H.V., Dhatt, N., Finegood, D.T. Quantification of the Relationship between Glycemia and Beta Cell Mass Adaptation in vivo.  Can J Physiol Pharmacol 87: 602-9, 2009.
  • •Bauman, A. Finegood, D.T., Matsudo, M. International Perspectives on the Physical Inactivity Crisis – Structural Solutions Over Evidence Generation? Preventive Medicine 49: 309-12, 2009.
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