Clinical Associate Professor
Research Interests:

Major interest in the principles and physiology of hemodialysis, with a particular focus on Intensive, Daily modalities, such as Nightly Nocturnal Hemodialysis.
Other area of interest is in General Consultative Nephrology, with a particular interest in the care of the patient with Progressive Renal Insufficiency (‘Predialysis’). Involved with several CKD studies at present,


University of British Columbia, Microbiology, B.Sc.,
University of British Columbia, MD
University of British Columbia, FRCPC
Recent Publications:

•Levin, A et al:  Care and Referral of Adult Patients with Reduced Kidney Function;  Position Paper form the Canadian Society of Nephrology.  (posted on CSN website).
•Copland MA, “Chronic Kidney Disease:  Optimal and Coordinated Management.” Canadian Jounral of Diagnosis, September 2008, pp 68 – 72.
•Komenda P, Copland M, Lee E, Djurdev O, Levin A:  “Outcomes of a provincial home hemodialysis programme – a two-year experience:  establishing benchmarks for programme evaluation.”  Nephrol Dial Transplant 23(8), 2647-2652, 2008.
•Komenda P; Er L: Djurdjev O; Copland M; Levin, A.  Outcomes of a Provincial Home Hemodialysis Program – a 2 year Experience in British Columbia, Canada Accepted for publication by Nephrology, Dialysis, and Transplantation 2008.
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