Clinical Professor
BMedSc, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Medicine
MD, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Recent Publications:
  • •Chen, G and Khalil, N. TGF-beta 1 induces airway smooth muscle proliferation by phosphorylation of MAPKs 2006 Resp Res Jan 3;7(1):2 [Epub ahead of print] (Top 10 most accessed articles for last 30 days; January 20,2006) (Total accesses to this article after ublication (Jan. 3/06. The Editorial Team indicated that the paper ranks ‘Highly accessed’ relative to age and the total accesses to this article since publication is 1270 times. This figure only includes accesses to the article on the Respir
  • •Chen G, and  Khalil N. The release of active TGF-ß1 by human bronchial smooth muscle cells in models of in vitro airway injury (Resp Neurobiol.;accepted pending revisions).
  • •Chen, G, Xu, Y, and Khalil, N. Elastase induced release of TGF-?1 results in ASMC collagen synthesis, Resp Neurobiol.;accepted pending revisions.
  • •Khalil, N. and Xu, YD. TGF- 1 induces chronic fibroblasts expression of fibrogenic cytokines Am J Physiol (accepted pending revisions).
  • •Xu, YD, O’ Connor, D, Raghu, G, Kwan, M  and  Khalil, N.  Acid treatment of normal rat lungs releases transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGF- 1) and increases connective tissue synthesis: Significance to GERD and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, Eur Resp J (submitted).