Professor Emeritus
American University of Beirut, MD
Recent Publications:
  • Dimich-Ward H, Taliadouros V, Teschke K, Chow Y, Abboud R, Chan-Yeung M. Quality of  life and employment status of workers with red cedar asthma. J Occup Environ Med 2007;49:1040-45.
  • Abboud R, Vimalanathan S.  State of the Art: Pathogenesis of COPD. Part I.  Role of protease- antiprotease imbalance in emphysema. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2008; 12(4): 361-367.
  • Wallace AM, Sandford AJ, English JC, Burkett KM, LI H, Finley RJ, Muller NL, Coxson HO,  Pare PD, Abboud RT. Matrix metalloprotease expression by human alveolar macrophages in relation to emphysema. COPD. 2008; 5:13-23.