Clinical Associate Professor
Research Interests:

Cardiac rehabilitation and modification of risk factors in ischemic heart disease, Management of patients with heart failure, Ventricular shape alterations in patients with heart disease, Applications of positron emission tomographyin cardiology, Endothelial function in health and disease, Influence of inflammatory mediators on myocardial function in health and disease, Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Atherosclerosis, Relationship between myocardial oxygen consumption and work

University of British Columbia, Physiology, BSc
University of British Columbia, MD
Recent Publications:

Sammy Y. Chan, MD, G.B. John Mancini, Susanne Burns, Frances F. Johnson, Anka P. Brozic, Kori Kingsbury, Sandra Barr, Lisa Kuramoto, Michael Schulzer, Jiri Frohlich, Andrew Ignaszewski.  Dietary Measures and Exercise Training Contribute to Improvement of Endothelial Function and Atherosclerosis Even in Patients Given Intensive Pharmacologic Therapy.  Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation 2006; 26:288-293.