Assistant Professor
Vision Statement:

By investigating molecular signatures in the blood that discriminate between different response types following allergen challenge in the airway, I hope to find better treatments for chronic inflammatory allergic disease.

Research Interests:

Genetics of complex disease, asthma and allergy, biomarkers, genomics, proteomics

Research Summary:

My research programme is focused on the genomics of complex respiratory disease, including the early and late reactions in allergic asthma and rhinitis. I also investigate the interactions between fungal spores and human airway cells. My research combines hypothesis-driven study of biological mechanisms with the development of advanced tools and technology to better facilitate basic and translational research.

B.A. Hons (Oxon) – biochemistry
Ph.D – molecular biology
Recent Publications:

Tebbutt, S.J., James, A., Paré, P.D. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms and lung disease – clinical implications. Chest 131:1216-1223 (2007).

Podder, M., Ruan, J., Tripp, B.M., Chu, Z.E., Tebbutt, S.J. Robust SNP genotyping by multiplex PCR and arrayed primer extension. BMC Medical Genomics 1:5 (2008).

Tebbutt, S.J., Ruan, J. Combining multiple PCR primer pairs for each amplicon can improve SNP genotyping accuracy by reducing allelic drop-out. BioTechniques 45:637-646 (2008).

Gomez, P., Hackett, T.L., Moore, M.M., Knight, D.A., Tebbutt, S.J. Functional genomics of human bronchial epithelial cells directly interacting with conidia of Aspergillus fumigatus. BMC Genomics 11:358 (2010).

Oosthuizen, J.L.F., Gomez, P., Hackett, T.L., Ruan, J., Moore, M.M., Knight, D.A., Tebbutt, S.J. Dual organism transcriptomics of airway epithelial cells interacting with conidia of Aspergillus fumigatus. PLoS ONE 6(5):e20527 (2011).