Budget Tools & Tips

When applying for a grant or award the budget is often left until the last minute, is not always accurate and often omits key components which can cause frustration and headache at a later date. A well planned budget is a management tool and can serve to help monitor the research project and ensure that the goals of the project can be met adequately.

General Tips for Creating a Successful Research Budget

  1. Start early. Leaving the budget to the last minute often results in an unrealistic budget.
  2. Write down all the expenses you think you will incur, determine what information you are missing, i.e. specific test costs, and fees.
  3. Identify who has the information you will need and provide these individuals (i.e. lab coordinators, HR, hospital departments) with sufficient information to help give you an accurate cost estimate.
  4. Ask the coordinator or research technician who will do the work to look at the protocol and the budget and determine if there is anything missing or underestimated.
  5. Have your budget reviewed by a seasoned mentor, or as part of the SPARC internal review (IR) process.

Helpful Links

Below are a list of links which may be helpful when assembling your research budget. Please remember that the information in these links may change at anytime and it is always best to contact the relevant individual in charge of each department to ensure that you have an accurate estimate.


Department / Site

Link / Document

Human Resources Faculty of Medicine – Graduate Programs
Human Resources Providence Health Care Professional Associations & Wages
Human Resources UBC UBC Salary Scales
Materials & Services Laboratory
MSP Pricing  – (for tests)
Materials & Services UBC MRI Research Centre 3T Research Imaging Rates
Materials & Services Pathology  – VCH Research Procedures & Prices
Materials & Services Pharmacy LMPS Drug Trial Fee Structure
Materials & Services populationdata BC Charges
Tri-Council Eligible Expenses – Use of Grant Funds
Services CHEOS Service Information & Forms
Services VCHRI – Clinical Research Unit (CRU) Information 
Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute