IT Resources & Data Management

Software Licensing

As UBC faculty/staff Department members are entitled to a variety of software offered by UBC IT for a discount or sometimes free. UBC IT has agreements with Adobe, Microsoft, and several mathematics/statistics software companies to provide their programs to support research and education. Click here to visit UBC IT’s Software Licensing page. If you have inquiries or requests, please contact the Research Manager.

Data Management

Research data must be private and secure. Policies and guidelines are set and managed at several levels to ensure the highest quality of information management. All software used to manage and store data should be compliant with these policies

File Sharing and Storage

DropBox & Google Drive Home Drive Horizon
Location US Servers UBC UBC
Internal Teams Yes Yes Yes
UBC-External Teams Yes No Yes
Easy sharing – no need for account Yes No Yes
FIPPA Compliant No Yes Yes

DropBox & Google Drive are not FIPPA compliant, and therefore inappropriate for managing or storing research data. The Research Office endorses the use of Horizon Workspace, links can be found below:

Survey Tools

Surveys are a valuable and effective way to collect certain types of data. FluidSurvey, REDCap, and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) are all FIPPA compliant and okay to use. UBC IT provides licensing for UBC Faculty/Staff to use the EFM Survey Tool, links can be found below:

Data Encryption

Encryption is the process of making data unreadable. It is different than password protection! UBC has set a guideline for minimum and ideal levels of encryption. Information about how to encrypt Word, Excel, other basic file types, portable storage devices, emails, and servers can be found below: