New Investigators

Welcome to UBC and the Department of Medicine

All new recruits are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the criteria for faculty tenure, promotion & reappointment. Information about benefits, managing staff, professional development can be found on the New Faculty and Staff website. If you are new to Vancouver you may wish to look at the UBC Welcome Guide, to find helpful information on childcare, citizenship, immigration and UBC orientation materials.

New department members are encouraged to do the following:

  1. Obtain an email address and send your contact information to the Research Manager
  2. Obtain a campus wide login (CWL) account
  3. Obtain a researcher number
  4. Fill out a conflict of interest (COI) declaration
  5. Obtain a UBC card
  6. Contact the Research Manager for a research orientation
  7. Complete mandatory safety training courses

Obtaining your CWL

Your CWL will be used to access UBCs online services including your funding information, webmail, RISe (ethics applications), VPN access and will allow you to access payroll and benefit information.

In order to obtain your CWL you will need the following:

  1. Your CWL signup PIN
  2. Employee id number

You HR administrator will provide this for you when you arrive. If you do not have this information please contact your HR representative.

Once you have this information you can complete the online signup.

When you obtain your CWL it is recommended that you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with RISe, the UBC Researcher Information Services online administration platform. Through RISe you will be able to manage ethics applications and research funds.

For questions about RISe please contact,

Obtain a researcher number

All individuals who are listed on grant applications, human ethics or animal ethics applications require an active researcher account. If you have been previously listed on any of the above you will likely already have an assigned number. You can obtain this number by contacting ORS.

New department members can obtain a researcher number emailing ORS and providing the following information:

  1. Full name (including middle initial)
  2. Email address
  3. Local telephone number
  4. UBC rank
  5. UBC department affiliation
  6. UBC employee ID number or UBC student number

Filling out a COI declaration

UBC Policy #97 requires that all full time and part-time faculty and staff of the University who conduct research are required to fill out a COI declaration, within 30 days. COI declarations are required on an annual basis.

To fill out your COI log you will need to log onto RISe using your CWL. The Reports/Tutorials tab on your personal RISe Home Page contains an number of helpful tutorials including how to submit your first COI declaration.

If you log onto your RISe homepage and do not have a COI declaration button on the left hand side, please contact the UBC Conflict of Interest Administrator.

If you require assistance with your submission please contact the  Research Manager.

Obtaining your UBC card

Your UBC card acts as both your library card and you institutional ID card. Faculty and Staff can apply in person or on-line. The UBC Carding Office is located in the UBC Bookstore (main campus).

To obtain your UBC card you will need to provide the following:

  1. UBC employee ID number
  2. 1 original piece of government ID

UBC cards need a color photo. If you are applying on line you are required to submit a color digital photo. All cards must be picked up in person. Please visit UBC Bookstore for current hours.

Research Orientation

If you are a new PI in the Department of Medicine we encourage you to make an appointment to discuss your research needs with the Research Manager. The Research Manager can help identify funding opportunities, and inform you of UBC and Faculty of Medicine policies surrounding research.

The Research Manager can also help you connect to other training events, workshops and seminars.

Mandatory Safety Training

It is the responsibility of the individual researcher to ensure that all individuals involved in research under their direction, including the PI maintains current safety training in all relevant areas. Failure to do so is considered non-compliance and could result in disruption, termination or suspension of research activities.

All UBC employees engaged in research should consult UBC Risk Management Services to determine which courses are required, and when they are offered. Typical required courses include the following:

Individuals participating in research at VCHRI sites including Jack Bell Research Center, Research Pavilion and Heather Pavilion are required to complete an online WHMIS training session.

For individuals at our Okanagan campus, safety training including Radiation safety, WHMIS training and Laboratory Biological Safety is provided by Health Safety and Environment.

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