Researcher Profiles

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Montaner, J.S.G.ProfessorAIDS
Deering, K. Post-Doctoral FellowAIDS
Wood, E. Clinical Associate ProfessorAIDS
Hull, M.Clinical Assistant ProfessorAIDS
Kerr, T.Associate ProfessorAIDS
Shannon, K.Associate ProfessorAIDS
Harrigan, P.R.Associate ProfessorAIDS
Milloy, M-J.Assitant ProfessorAIDS
Lima, V.D. Assistant ProfessorAIDS
Moore, D. Assistant ProfessorAIDS
Poon, A.Assistant ProfessorAIDS
Milloy, M-J.Assistant ProfessorAIDS
Goldenberg, S.Post-Doctoral FellowAIDS
Schellenberg, R. ProfessorAllergy & Immunology
Wong, H.C.G.Clinical ProfessorAllergy & Immunology
Kanani, A.Clinical InstructorAllergy & Immunology
Stark, D.F.Clinical Associate ProfessorAllergy & Immunology
Kim, S. Clinical Assistant ProfessorAllergy & Immunology
Kerr, C.R.ProfessorCardiology
Mancini, G.B.J.ProfessorCardiology
Cairns, J.A.ProfessorCardiology
Krahn, A. ProfessorCardiology
Tsang, T. ProfessorCardiology
Bernstein, V. Clinical Professor EmeritusCardiology
Gin, K. Clinical ProfessorCardiology
Hamburger, J.N. Clinical ProfessorCardiology
Carere, R.G. Clinical ProfessorCardiology
Webb, J. Clinical ProfessorCardiology
Fung, A.Clinical ProfessorCardiology
Ricci, D.R.Clinical ProfessorCardiology
Kiess, M. Clinical ProfessorCardiology
Virani, S. Clinical InstructorCardiology
Binder, R. Clinical FellowCardiology
Ignaszewski, A. Clinical Associate ProfessorCardiology
Jue, J. Clinical Associate ProfessorCardiology
Nasmith, J.Clinical Associate ProfessorCardiology
Chan, S.Y.Clinical Associate ProfessorCardiology
Heilbron, B. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
LeMaitre, J. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Taylor, C. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Boone, R.Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Sedlak, T. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Grewal, J. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Nair, P.Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Toma, M.Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Bennett, M. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Davis, M.K.Clinical Assistant Professor Cardiology
Isserow, S.Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Straatman, L. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Aymong, E. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Andrade, J. G. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Brunner, N.W.Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Chakrabarti, S. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Wood, D. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Deyell, M.W.Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Humphries, K. Associate ProfessorCardiology
Ramanathan, K.Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Lear, S. Adjunct ProfessorCardiology
Lee, P. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCardiology
Walker, S. Clinical InstructorCommunity Internal Medicine
Foster, R.Clinical Assistant ProfessorCommunity Internal Medicine
Jaffer, S. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCommunity Internal Medicine
Walley, K. ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Russell, J.A.ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Dodek, P.M.ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Tsang, J. Clinical ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Craig, K. Clinical InstructorCritical Care Medicine
Holmes, C.Clinical Associate ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Ronco, J.R.Clinical Associate ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
MacRedmond, R. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Henderson, W.R. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Reynolds, S. Clinical Assistant ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Keenan, S.P.Clinical Assistant ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Dhingra, V.Clinical Assistant ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Chittock, D.Clinical Assistant ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Dorscheid, D.R.Associate ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Ayas, N.Associate ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Griesdale, D. Assistant ProfessorCritical Care Medicine
Fast, D.Assistant ProfessorAIDS
Perini, R.Clinical Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Medicine
Vallentyne, S.Clinical InstructorDepartment of Medicine
Ur, E. ProfessorEndocrinology
Francis, G.A.ProfessorEndocrinology
Prior, J. ProfessorEndocrinology
Tildesley, H.D.Clinical ProfessorEndocrinology
Paty, B. Clinical Associate ProfessorEndocrinology
Fung, M.Clinical Associate ProfessorEndocrinology
Sirrs, S. Clinical Associate ProfessorEndocrinology
Dahl, M.A.Clinical Associate ProfessorEndocrinology
Kendler, D.L. Clinical Associate ProfessorEndocrinology
Gill, SabrinaClinical Assistant ProfessorEndocrinology
Bebb, R.A.Clinical Assistant ProfessorEndocrinology
Elliott, T.G.Clinical Assistant ProfessorEndocrinology
Kong, J.Clinical Assistant ProfessorEndocrinology
Thompson, D.M. Clinical Assistant ProfessorEndocrinology
Tang, T. Associate ProfessorEndocrinology
Jones, C. Associate ProfessorEndocrinology
Finegood, D.T. Adjunct ProfessorEndocrinology
Majoo, P.Clinical Assistant ProfessorEndocrinology
Yoshida, E. ProfessorGastroenterology
Freeman, H.J.ProfessorGastroenterology
Krygier, D. Clinical InstructorGastroenterology
Chung, H.V. Clinical InstructorGastroenterology
Enns, R.A.Clinical Associate ProfessorGastroenterology
Telford, J.Clinical Associate ProfessorGastroenterology
Byrne, M. Clinical Associate ProfessorGastroenterology
Ramji, A. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGastroenterology
Chatur, N.Clinical Assistant ProfessorGastroenterology
Bressler, B.Clinical Assistant ProfessorGastroenterology
Whittaker, J. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGastroenterology
Ko, H.H.Clinical Assistant ProfessorGastroenterology
Donnellan, F.Clinical Assistant ProfessorGastroenterology
Erb, S.R.Clinical Assistant ProfessorGastroenterology
Salh, B.S. Associate ProfessorGastroenterology
Tai, I. Assistant ProfessorGastroenterology
Fishman, M. Clinical InstructorGastroenterology
Dewitt, D. ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Eva, K.W.ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Palepu, A. ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Kassen, B.O. Clinical ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Cuncic, C.F.Clinical InstructorGeneral Internal Medicine
Purkiss, S. Clinical InstructorGeneral Internal Medicine
Kennedy, J.R. Clinical Associate ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Magee, L.A. Clinical Associate ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Hatala, R. Clinical Associate ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Baillie, H.M.Clinical Associate ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Youakim, S. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Dunne, J.V. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Shanks, D.J.Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Ong-Lam, M. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Cummins, N.R. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Winkler, L. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Rosenbaum, D.A. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Busser, J.R.Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Khan, N.A.Assistant ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Bernard, M. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeneral Internal Medicine
Beattie, B.L.Professor EmeritusGeriatric Medicine
Meneilly, G.S. ProfessorGeriatric Medicine
Bell, K. Clinical InstructorGeriatric Medicine
Dian, L. Clinical Associate ProfessorGeriatric Medicine
Lee, P.Clinical Associate ProfessorGeriatric Medicine
Hill, A. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeriatric Medicine
Wong, R. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeriatric Medicine
Cook, W. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeriatric Medicine
Kow, J.K.Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeriatric Medicine
Chung, M. Clinical Assistant ProfessorGeriatric Medicine
Madden, K. Associate ProfessorGeriatric Medicine
Eaves, A.C.Professor EmeritusHematology
Conway, E. ProfessorHematology
Schrader, J.W.ProfessorHematology
Lansdorp, P. ProfessorHematology
Humphries, R.K. ProfessorHematology
Jones, A. ProfessorHematology
Nantel, S. Clinical ProfessorHematology
Shepherd, J.D.Clinical ProfessorHematology
Hogge, D.E.Clinical ProfessorHematology
Vickars, L. Clinical ProfessorHematology
Barnett, M.J.Clinical ProfessorHematology
Ramadan, K. Clinical InstructorHematology
Ezzat, H.M.Clinical InstructorHematology
Sreenivasan, G. Clinical InstructorHematology
Leitch, H. Clinical Associate ProfessorHematology
Forrest, D.Clinical Associate ProfessorHematology
Broady, R.Clinical Associate ProfessorHematology
Toze, C. Clinical Associate ProfessorHematology
Benny, W.B.Clinical Associate ProfessorHematology
Jackson, S.Clinical Assistant ProfessorHematology
Leger, S. Clinical Assistant ProfessorHematology
Li, C. Clinical Assistant ProfessorHematology
Foltz, L. Clinical Assistant ProfessorHematology
Chen, L.Clinical Assistant ProfessorHematology
Tsang, P. Clinical Assistant ProfessorHematology
Song, K. Clinical Assistant ProfessorHematology
Lee, A. Associate ProfessorHematology
Chow, A. Professor EmeritusInfectious Disease
Reynolds, R.Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfectious Disease
Avgay, Y. ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Bowie, W.R.ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Reiner, N.E.ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Brunham, R.C.ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Phillips, P. Clinical ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Montessori, V. Clinical Associate ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Pick, N. Clinical Associate ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Press, N. Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Mirzanejad, Y. Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Hajek, J. Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Lester, R. Clinical Assistant ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Hmama, Z. Associate ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Nandan, D. Assistant ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Murray, M.C.Assistant ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Steiner, T. Assistant ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Bach, H. Adjunct ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Tyndall, M. ProfessorInfectious Diseases
Blanke, C. ProfessorMedical Oncology
Coppes, M. ProfessorMedical Oncology
Bruchovsky, N. Honorary ProfessorMedical Oncology
Connors, J. Clinical ProfessorMedical Oncology
Klasa, R.J. Clinical ProfessorMedical Oncology
Gelmon, K.A.Clinical ProfessorMedical Oncology
Shah, A.M.Clinical ProfessorMedical Oncology
Hoskins, P. Clinical ProfessorMedical Oncology
Wilson, K. Clinical ProfessorMedical Oncology
Murray. N. Clinical ProfessorMedical Oncology
Maclean, G. Clinical ProfessorMedical Oncology
Chan, T.Clinical InstructorMedical Oncology
Fitzgerald, C. Clinical InstructorMedical Oncology
Souliere, S. Clinical InstructorMedical Oncology
Shenkier, T.Clinical Associate ProfessorMedical Oncology
Kollmannsberger, C. Clinical Associate ProfessorMedical Oncology
Coppin, C. Clinical Associate ProfessorMedical Oncology
Tinker, A.Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Gerrie, A.S.Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Bernstein, V. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Gill, K. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Melosky, B. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Laskin, J. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Lim, H. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Anderson, H. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Knowling, M. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Pansegrau, G. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Ho, C.Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Anderson, H.Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Le, L.H.Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Villa, D.Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Sehn, L. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Lee, C. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Ellard, S. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Kennecke, H.Associate ProfessorMedical Oncology
Savage, K.J.Associate ProfessorMedical Oncology
Winson CheungAssistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Renouf, D. Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Chia, S.K.Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Chi, K.C.Assistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Gill, SharleneAssistant ProfessorMedical Oncology
Galbraith, P.Clinical InstructorMedical Oncology
Tang, A. ProfessorMedicine
Dirnfeld, V.Honorary ProfessorMedicine
Ahmed, I.Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine
Bested, A.Clinical Associate ProfessorMedicine
Voyer, S.Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Lai, W.Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Kimel, G.Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Chan, A.W.Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Cuff, D. Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Towle, A. Associate ProfessorMedicine
Werb, R. Clinical ProfessorNephrology
Shapiro, R.J.Clinical ProfessorNephrology
Chan-Yan, C.Clinical ProfessorNephrology
Levin, A. Clinical ProfessorNephrology
Copland, M. Clinical Associate ProfessorNephrology
Taylor, P. Clinical Associate ProfessorNephrology
Yeung, C. Clinical Associate ProfessorNephrology
Landsberg, D.N. Clinical Associate ProfessorNephrology
Chiu, A.Clinical Assistant ProfessorNephrology
Johnston, O. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNephrology
Duncan, J.A.Clinical Assistant ProfessorNephrology
Zalunardo, N. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNephrology
Beaulieu, M. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNephrology
Jastrzebski, J. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNephrology
Kiaii, M. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNephrology
Da Roza, G. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNephrology
De Luca, L. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNephrology
Gill, J.Assitant ProfessorNephrology
Gill, J.S. Assistant ProfessorNephrology
Barbour, S. Assistant ProfessorNephrology
Calne, D.B.Professor EmeritusNeurology
Hashimoto, S.A.Professor EmeritusNeurology
Stoessl, A.J.ProfessorNeurology
Doudet, D.J.ProfessorNeurology
Feldman, H. ProfessorNeurology
Barton, J. ProfessorNeurology
Wang, Y.T. ProfessorNeurology
Oger, J. ProfessorNeurology
Tsui, J. ProfessorNeurology
Illes, J. ProfessorNeurology
McKeown, M.J. ProfessorNeurology
Cashman, N.ProfessorNeurology
Benavente, O. ProfessorNeurology
Pelech, S. ProfessorNeurology
Evans, C. Post-Doctoral FellowNeurology
Eijkholt, M. Post-Doctoral FellowNeurology
Teal, P. Clinical ProfessorNeurology
Bogod, N. Clinical InstructorNeurology
Yip, S. Clinical InstructorNeurology
Hooge, J.P. Clinical Associate ProfessorNeurology
Krieger, C. Clinical Associate ProfessorNeurology
Spacey, S.D.Clinical Associate ProfessorNeurology
Stewart, J. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Thiessen, B.Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Woolfenden, A.Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Mezei, M.M. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Clarke, S.D.Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Foti, D.Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Saly, V. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Prout, A. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Briemberg, H.R.Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Gibson, G.M.Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Johnston, D. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Foti, D. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Murphy, C. Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Chapman, K.Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Devonshire, V.A.Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Tremlett, H. Associate ProfessorNeurology
Kastrukoff, L.A. Associate ProfessorNeurology
Traboulsee, A. Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Hsiung, G.Y.R. Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Jacova, C.Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Asdaghi, N. Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Pettersen, J. Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Cresswell, S. Assistant ProfessorNeurology
Boyd,J. Assistant ProfessorAIDS
Ruth, T. Adjunct ProfessorNeurology
Hawley, P. Clinical Associate ProfessorPalliative Care
Anton, H. Clinical ProfessorPhysical & Rehabilitation Medicine
Dawson, A.Clinical InstructorPhysical & Rehabilitation Medicine
Finlayson, H. Clinical InstructorPhysical & Rehabilitation Medicine
Townson, A. Clinical Associate ProfessorPhysical & Rehabilitation Medicine
Travlos, A. Clinical Associate ProfessorPhysical & Rehabilitation Medicine
Guzman, J. Clinical Associate ProfessorPhysical & Rehabilitation Medicine
Krassioukov, A. Clinical Associate ProfessorPhysical & Rehabilitation Medicine
De Forge, D. Clinical Associate ProfessorPhysical & Rehabilitation Medicine
Silverberg, N.Clinical Assistant ProfessorPhysical & Rehabilitation Medicine
Mills, P.B.Clinical Assistant ProfessorPhysical & Rehabilitation Medicine
Underwood, H.Clinical Assistant ProfessorPhysical & Rehabilitation Medicine
Chan-Yeung, M.Professor EmeritusRespiratory
Abboud, R. Professor EmeritusRespiratory
Ostrow, D. ProfessorRespiratory
Ryan, F.C.F.ProfessorRespiratory
Sandford, A.J. ProfessorRespiratory
FitzGerald, J.M.ProfessorRespiratory
Road, J.D.ProfessorRespiratory
Fleetham, J.A.ProfessorRespiratory
Duronio, V. ProfessorRespiratory
Bai, T.R.ProfessorRespiratory
Pare. P. ProfessorRespiratory
Levy, R.D. ProfessorRespiratory
VanEeden, S.ProfessorRespiratory
Lam, S. ProfessorRespiratory
Tan-Hogg, W.Honorary ProfessorRespiratory
Elwood, R.K.Clinical ProfessorRespiratory
Khalil, N. Clinical ProfessorRespiratory
McWilliams, A. Clinical Assistant ProfessorRespiratory
Boyd, J.Clinical Assistant ProfessorRespiratory
Johnston, J.C.Clinical Assistant ProfessorRespiratory
Cohen, R. Clinical Assistant ProfessorRespiratory
Miller, C. Clinical Assistant ProfessorRespiratory
Daley, D. Clinical Assistant ProfessorRespiratory
Carlsten, C.ProfessorRespiratory
Sin, D. Associate ProfessorRespiratory
Wilcox, P. Associate ProfessorRespiratory
Swiston, J. Assistant ProfessorRespiratory
Ryerson, C. Assistant ProfessorRespiratory
Etminan, M.Assistant ProfessorRespiratory
Sadatsafavi, M. Assistant ProfessorRespiratory
Cook, V. Assistant ProfessorRespiratory
Quon, B.S.Assistant Professor Respiratory
Hirota, J.Assistant Professor Respiratory
Tebbutt, S. Assistant ProfessorRespiratory
Tsang, I.K.Professor EmeritusRheumatology
Chalmers, A.ProfessorRheumatology
Esdaile, J. ProfessorRheumatology
Blocka. K. Clinical ProfessorRheumatology
Reid, G.D.Clinical ProfessorRheumatology
Kherani, R.B.Clinical InstructorRheumatology
Gillies, J.H.Clinical InstructorRheumatology
Klinkhoff, A.V.Clinical Associate ProfessorRheumatology
Huang, S.H.Clinical Associate ProfessorRheumatology
Shojania, K. Clinical Associate ProfessorRheumatology
Ensworth, S.G.Clinical Assistant ProfessorRheumatology
Avina-Zubieta, J.Clinical Assistant ProfessorRheumatology
Kelsall, J.T.Clinical Assistant ProfessorRheumatology
Shahin, J. Clinical Assistant ProfessorRheumatology
Collins, D.Clinical Assistant ProfessorRheumatology
Lacaille, D.Associate ProfessorRheumatology
Choi, H. Associate ProfessorRheumatology
Cibere, J. Assistant ProfessorRheumatology
Shuckett, R.Clinical Assistant ProfessorRheumatology