VGH Specialty Noon-Rounds


Specialty Noon Rounds are held at noon every Friday in the 14c Conference Room, 14th Floor in the Jim Pattison Building at Vancouver General Hospital.

The speaker presents to a group of MSIs and Internal Medicine / Off Service residents (varying years). The speaker is asked to give the talk at the level of a 1st year resident, on a topic that would be applicable to a Community General Internist. High yield topics applicable to a Royal College General Internal Medicine Examination are strongly recommended. Topics usually focus around a clinical vignette from which the discussion may center around diagnosis, physical examination, or management.


July-December 2019 Noon Rounds

Suggested Topics

Suggested Topics for VGH Specialty Noon Rounds


For more information on Vancouver General Hospital Department of Medicine Specialty Noon Rounds, please contact:

VGH Chief Medical Resident
(604) 875-4111 ext. 61561