Human Resources Team

HR Manager, Amanda Milord*on maternity leave

Phone: 604-875-4111, extension 69798

  • Responsible for managing day to day HR operations within the Department of Medicine for faculty, staff, and student employees
  • Works with UBC HR and Faculty Relations, Faculty of Medicine, Department Head, Division Heads, and Managers/Supervisors on HR issues around UBC policies and procedures on recruiting, hiring, training, managing, disciplining, and termination of non-academic faculty, staff, and student employees.
  • Also provides advice on attendance management matters, oversees departmental FIOPPA requests, and manages departmental workflow for HR systems.

Faculty Hires and Promotions Coordinator, Lygia Siqueira

Phone: 604-875-4111, extension 63086

  • Responsible for implementing and maintaining documentation and processes relating to academic and clinical faculty appointments, reappointments, promotion and tenure. 
  • Provides information on UBC, Faculty of Medicine, and Departmental faculty recruitment, appointment, reappointment, and promotion policies and procedures to Administrators and Division Heads.
  • Works in conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine on faculty appointments, promotions, advertising and offer letters. Coordinates Division Head and leadership position Search Committees and the Academic Appointments, Reappointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee (AARPT) cases and as well as coordinating the Recruitment and Resources Committee and Mentoring Committee.

For all Clinical Faculty inquiries (New Appointment and Promotions), please email 

Human Resources Assistants

  • Responsible for administrative tasks regarding human resources and personnel management relating to faculty, staff, and students. 
  • Maintains, generates and processes all documentation including hiring, leaves of absences, terminations, funding changes, and pay increases. 
  • Provides general information on the policies related to leave entitlements, pay rate changes, years of service, and job descriptions for the different employee groups.
  • Coordinates requests for job postings and provides assistance with staff and student recruitment. 
  • Responsible for communicating with UBC Payroll, UBC HR, Faculty Relations, and the Faculty of Medicine to investigate and resolve payroll and personnel inquiries.

Human Resources Assistant, Hades Ong

Phone: 604-875-4111, extension 62328

Portfolio: Department of Medicine Administration, Allergy and Immunology, Critical Care, Community Internal Medicine, General Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurology

Human Resources Assistant (Hiring Solutions Temp), Michelle Lu

Phone: 604-875-4111, extension 55429

Portfolio:  Cardiology, Endocrinology, Geriatric Medicine, Hematology, Palliative Care, Social Medicine

Human Resources Assistant, Jojo Lee

Phone: 604-875-4111, extension 54772

Portfolio: Gastroenterology, Medical Oncology, Respiratory Medicine, Rheumatology