Office of Education

VISION: To create a culture that values education.

MISSION: To support and advance learning, education scholarship and innovation across the Department of Medicine.


Under the umbrella of the Office of Education, our faculty/program membership includes:

  • Undergraduate Education
  • Postgraduate Education
  • Clinical Investigator Program
  • Subspecialty Programs
  • Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES)

Current Activities

Right now the Education Office is working on:

  • Strategic Alignment across/within programs
  • Implementation of the Education Task Force Recommendations (click here for report)
  • SPROT( summative Peer Review of Teaching Policy) Update and Rollout
  • Celebrating our Educator’s Accomplishments
  • Designing Faculty Development programming with a focus on Curriculum Renewal & Accreditation


If you have any questions about the Office of Education, or if you have an education support idea or project you would like assistance with, please contact us at:

Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre
10th floor, Room 10221 – 2775 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Z1M9
Phone: 604 875 4164
Fax: 604 875 4886