Research Advisory Committee

The Department of Medicine Research Advisory Committee assists the Research Office in its mandate and serves as a link between the Office and researchers at large within the Department of Medicine.

Terms of Reference


The Department of Medicine Research Advisory Committee advises the DOM Executive on research priorities, challenges and opportunities facing our faculty, and executes strategic initiatives to enhance research activity within the Department. The Research Office develops programs to meet needs identified by the RAC and further the academic mission of our Department.

Research Strategic Plan
  • Establish Research Strategic Plan (RSP) goals that align with University and Department missions.
  • Monitor progress on achieving RSP goals.
  • Discuss and create new goals for the RSP as required given changing conditions, completion of tasks, and new information from research reviews.
  • Establish effective, timely communication methods between all researchers and the DoM Research Office.
  • Continue to enhance department research web site.
Research Reviews
  • Assess progress on recommendations made by 2010 external research review.
  • Determine schedule by which research reviews or mini-reviews should be done.
  • Disseminate results of research reviews to Executive Committee and divisions.
  • Incorporate recommendations as appropriate in RSP.
Research Metrics
  • Create metrics to measure research success within the department, the Faculty of Medicine, and across Canada.
  • Results will be used to make recommendations to Executive Committee regarding quantity and type of both financial and non-financial support.

Mandate and Role

The Research Advisory Committee supports department members in becoming global research leaders, and positions them for success. The committee recognizes and celebrates excellence in research at all levels, and builds engagement within our local community.

The Committee Chair reports to the Department Head and the Department Executive Committee. The Committee meets quarterly, with ad hoc meetings as required. The committee is supported by the Research Manager. Minutes are taken, distributed to all committee members and Department Head and filed in the DOM administration office/UBC Archives as an archival record of departmental business.

If you have a concern or issue you would like the RAC to address, please contact your Divisional representative listed below or email the Research Manager.


The Research Advisory Committee is Chaired by the Associate Head, Research. The committee is comprised of faculty members representing the breadth of our research enterprise, encompassing different sites, varying levels of seniority, and involvement with UBC-affiliated research Centres and Institutes. Participation in this committee is an excellent opportunity to help support the Department’s research mission and impact our strategic priorities. We strongly encourage faculty members with an active research program or an interest in pursuing research to join this initiative and help shape the future of research in our Department.

Research Advisory Committee Members as of January 2023

Name Division Rank/Role
Dr. N. Ayas Critical Care Medicine Associate Professor
Dr. S. Barbour Nephrology Assistant Professor
Dr. L. Brunham General Internal Medicine Assistant Professor
Dr. N. Cashman Neurology Professor
Dr. M. Deyell Cardiology Associate Professor
Dr. J. Fleetham Respiratory Medicine Professor
Dr. J. Illes Neurology Professor
Dr. J. Joy Infectious Diseases Assistant Professor
Dr. T. Kerr Social Medicine Associate Professor
Dr. A. Lee Hematology Professor
Dr. H. Leitch Hematology Clinical Professor
Dr. A. Levin Nephrology Professor
Dr. K. Madden Geriatric Medicine Associate Professor
Dr. A. Meredith Research Office Manager, Research Office
Dr. T. Tang Endocrinology Director, Experimental Medicine Graduate Program
Dr. C. Toze Hematology Clinical Professor
Dr. T. Tsang Cardiology Chair; Professor and Associate Head, Research
Dr. J. Yao Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinical Assistant Professor