Policies Pertaining to Research within the Department of Medicine

Researchers within the Department of Medicine are responsible for understanding and abiding by all policies pertaining to general research, Faculty of Medicine policies, animal and human research studies, research and trust accounting, and information privacy and confidentiality, as they pertain to your work.

I am looking for policies that relate to:

UBC Research Policies & Signing Resolutions

The primary policy governing research at UBC is policy #87 – Research. All individuals participating in research are encouraged to read and understand this policy.

In addition to the general UBC research policy there are a number of specific UBC policies, Research & Trust Accounting policies and research institute policies which you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with. Finally, if you are working in one of the Senate approved research centres you are responsible for any local site policies which may not be found here.

Policy #
Last Revision
Res. 1 General Commitments and Agreements Oct 2010 Research / UILO / ORS
Res. 11 Research Contracts and Agreements Feb 2008 Research / UILO / ORS
7 University Safety March 1994 Risk Management / Research
9 Hazardous Materials Management June 2005 Risk Management / Research
10 Procedures for Working with Biohazardous Materials June 2005 Risk Management/ Research
11 Radiation Safety June 2005 Risk Management/ Research
16 Non-University Use of University Services and Facilities Feb 1981 General
35 Research Grants During Periods Other Than Study Leave July 1995 Research/ Finance
37 Research Grants as Part Payment During Study Leave Jan 1994 Research/ Finance
61 Postdoctoral Fellows April 2012 Research
85 Scholarly Integrity April 2013 Research
87 Research March 1995 Research
88 Inventions and Discoveries June 2013 Research / UILO
89 Research Involving Humans  June 2012 Research / REB
91 Purchase of Animals for Research and Teaching Feb 1984 Research/ Animal Care
97 Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Feb 2012 Research / General
108 Disposal of Surplus Equipment and Materials Jan 1993 Research / Finance
A complete list of the UBC policies and signing resolutions is available through the University Counsel website.

UBC Affiliated REB Standard Operating Procedures

Revision Date
102 Activities Requiring REB Review May 2011 Research
701 General Requirements for Informed Consent May 2011 Research
702 Waiver of Informed Consent  May 2011 Research
703 Documentation of Informed Consent May 2011 Research
801 REB- Required Investigator Actions May 2011 Research
901 ORE Compliance Audit August 2013 Research
902 Audits by Regulatory Agencies May 2011 Research
A complete list of the UBC affiliated REB Standard Operating Procedures is available through the Office of Research Ethics website.

UBC Finance Policies & Research Trust Accounting

Policy #
Last Revision
Equiptment Register Policy and Procedure March 2009 Research/ Finance
Tricouncil Travel Expnse (Airfare) Guidelines Research/ Finance
Specific Purpose Fund Policy November 2011 Research / Finance
A complete list of UBC Finance policies can be found on Finance website.

Policies and Guidelines for Affiliated Research Institutions

Policy #
Last Revision
v. 2.0 Providence Health Care Research Policies & Procedures Oct 2010 Research/ Finance
VCHRI Policies & Guidelines Research/ Finance
IM 101 VCH Privacy & Confidentiality Policy  Sept 2010 Data Access / Research
Best Practices Privacy Research Feb 2011 Research / Data

Policies for Ethics, Clinical Trials and Other Regulatory Groups

Policy #
Revision Date
TPCS 2: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans 2010 Ethics
Guide 0068
May 23, 2006 Clinical Trials
1997 Clinical Trials
Inspection Strategy for Clinical Trials January 2002 Clinical Trials
R.S.C., 1985,
c. F-27
Food and Drugs Act

See Section: C.05.001 DIVISION 5 DRUGS FOR
page. 962
June 2013 Clinical Trials