Department of Medicine Signature Requests

A friendly reminder regarding the process for routing letters and forms for the Department Head’s signature. Please see the various categories below and ensure you are sending your documents to the proper location.

AAA forms for Clinical Fellows:

Please ensure that the forms are filled out completely and signed by the relevant hospital and health authority signatories as well as the UBC Division Head prior to sending them to the Head for signature.
Forms can be sent to:

Employee Offer Letters:

All offer letters for UBC staff and faculty should be drafted and reviewed by the UBC HR team. Please reach out to your HR Assistant in order to request an offer letter or reappointment letter for faculty or staff and the HR team will coordinate the Department Head’s signature.

Research Office Signature requests:

Please check with the DOM Research Office in advance if you have a complex request
Submit all signature requests to

Where possible, the DOM Research Office will endeavour to have a 48-hour turnaround policy for signatures. Exclusions to the 48-hour turnaround policy include:

  • Letters of support from the Department Head. Submit a letter draft to for review
  • Requests involving contract review for University Counsel and/or UILO. Submit a copy of the unsigned contract to for review
  • Complex and/or unusual requests that fall outside of standard University policies and guidelines

The Departmental deadline for ethics applications is 24 hours before the REB deadline
The Departmental signature deadline is 6 business days before the external deadline (unless otherwise stated)
Find out more about the UBC signature process, and CREB or PHCREB deadlines for 2022