Emeritus Faculty Appointments

Emeritus status is a life-time honorable recognition of long service and contribution to the University of British Columbia. Emeritus status may be conferred upon the recommendation of Senate to retiring faculty members and librarians who hold ongoing positions and whose combined age plus years of service to the University equal 70 or more at the time of retirement or resignation, provided their Dean is in support of the status.





Application information, as well as resources and guidelines related to emeritus status are linked below:


UBC Emeritus College

Emeriti faculty are eligible for membership in the UBC Emeritus College. The UBC Emeritus College builds upon the success of the UBC Association of Professors Emeriti by further enhancing the potential for emeriti to maintain exisiting relationships and develop new ones with colleagues in other disciplines. This will promote opportunities for interdisciplinary projects while also helping to foster the research and scholarly activities of our emeritus faculty members.

For more information, please visit the UBC Emeritus College website


COMING SOON!  List of UBC Department of Medicine Emeriti