Faculty Development and Scholarship

Faculty Development

The Faculty of Medicine’s Office of Faculty Development‘s goal is to empower teachers to be successful by developing a model for educational support that takes into account the needs of all teaching sites and teachers at all career stages.


  • Support the mission of the Faculty of Medicine by planning, developing, implementing and evaluating effective, efficient, sustainable and flexible educational activities that meet the current and future needs of individual teachers and the Faculty.
  • Inspire, support and organize a collaborative, inter-professional network of teachers and clinician educators to meet needs of provincial Faculty of Medicine learners based on scholarly inquiry.
  • Facilitate the development and renewal of teaching learning competencies, educational leadership and scholarly activities of members of the Faculty, and to promote a culture of teaching and learning within the Faculty.


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The Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES) is a research and education centre that strives to enhance the health of people and populations by supporting the educational practices of the health professions.

Canada as a whole has a reputation across the globe as a leader in the production of original, innovative, and critical health professions education research. Within the country and abroad, CHES is at the forefront of this work, being one of the most productive health professions education research units, both within the country and compared to top tier schools internationally. Our faculty are prominent leaders in health professions education research globally.

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