The UBC Department of Medicine is committed to ensuring the success of our faculty. There are different types of appointments a faculty member can hold at the University. The information on this page relates to the various types of appointments within the Department of Medicine. All faculty appointments, reappointments, tenure and promotions are reviewed by the Department of Medicine Academic Appointments, Reappointments, Tenure and Promotions Committee.

To determine which rank is most appropriate for a new hire, please refer to the Faculty of Medicine’s Faculty Appointment Matrix.

Once a rank is determined, the steps and timelines for an appointment are based on the type of appointment. Each appointment is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Teaching Dossiers

The Teaching Dossier is an important component of the promotion/reappointment process. It allows the Department’s Academic Appointments, Reappointments, Promotion and Tenure (AARPT) Committee to see, at a glance, your contribution to the educational program(s) within the UBC Department of Medicine. It is meant to summarize your teaching accomplishments without replacing the teaching component of your CV.

The Department of Medicine has created a teaching dossier instruction manual, teaching dossier template, and supplemental evaluation form for use.  In order to have consistency, the Department requires that only this teaching dossier template be used.

All faculty in the Department who are being considered for promotion are expected to submit a completed Department of Medicine Teaching Dossier and include teaching evaluations.   Please note that the details of your teaching history must also be listed in your UBC format CV.

Questions about your UBC Department of Medicine Teaching Dossier can be submitted to the Faculty Hires & Promotions Manager

Questions about UBC Department of Medicine Appointment Processes can be submitted to the Faculty Hires & Promotions Manager