Education Resources for Faculty

Teaching our next generation of physicians remains a crucial component of the Faculty of Medicine’s Strategic Plan, Building the Future. Our teachers inspire our learners and are the role models for the next generation of healthcare professionals. A UBC faculty appointment is a requirement for all teachers in the MD Undergraduate Program. For more information on clinical faculty appointments, visit the clinical faculty section on the Faculty of Medicine’s website.

  1. Department of Medicine Formal Educational Activities (updated September 2022)

  2. Consolidated UGME Teaching Opportunities

  3. Division Head Onboarding Guide (updated February 2023)

  4. Scenario Library for Teaching

    You can visit the Scenario Library for Teaching at for more information.
    To download the scenarios, which are housed in Teams, you will need to email The Office of Faculty Development will provide you with access.

  5. Introductory Resource

This Introductory Resource focuses on onboarding new clinical faculty, however, experienced faculty may also find it informative.

  • Links to role-based training modules for teaching without patient care (e.g. small group facilitation, lectures, etc.)
  • Links to resources for creating an inclusive environment
  • An overview of the curriculum, assessment, and feedback to teachers:
  • Links to important administrative information

You can access all these resources here: