Support Staff

The UBC Department of Medicine staff members support the administrative, human resources, research, educational, and clinical pursuits of our faculty members and trainees.  Our staff members assist with program coordination, financial matters, research endeavours and grants, appointment processes, strategizing and communicating the vision of our Department and its Divisions.


Name Area of Responsibility Telephone
Mary Liu Director of Administration 604-875-4771
Donna Combs Administrative Coordinator to the Department Head 604-875-5613
Laurie Golding Communications and Office Manager 604-875-4160
Kelsie Atwater Administrative Assistant to the Department Head 604-875-4045


Name Area of Responsibility Telephone
Kathy Standeven Senior Education Manager 604-875-4164
Laura Moss Postgraduate Program Manager 604-875-4166
Melissa Nightingale Postgraduate Program Coordinator 604-875-5787
Ros Wisenthal Postgraduate Senior Program Assistant 604-875-4111 x 68641
Amy Meyer Postgraduate Senior Program Assistant 604-875-4111 x 21351
Alex Dang PGME IM Project Coordinator 604-875-4111 X66362
Andrea Toker GIM and R4 Program Coordinator 604-682-2344 x 62657
Sabina Fitzsimmons Undergraduate Senior Program Assistant, SPH & VGH 604 875-4111 x 63249
Monica Carrasco Undergraduate Senior Program Assistant, Year 4 604-875-4111 x 63288
Jeanne Valencia Undergraduate Senior Program Assistant  604-875-4111 x 69735
Adriana Villegas Undergraduate Senior Program Assistant 604-875-4111 x 66817
Chenoa Mah Undergraduate Senior Program Assistant


Name Area of Responsibility Telephone
Sharon Duguid Senior Finance Manager 604-875-4111 X 24698
Jenny Wang Financial Analyst 604-875-4111 x 54514
Josie Schlichting Financial Analyst 604-875-4111 x 62346

Human Resources

Name Area of Responsibility Telephone
Amanda Milord HR Manager *on maternity leave 604-875-4111 X69798
Lygia Siqueira Faculty Hires & Promotions Manager 604-875-4111 x 63086
Hades Ong Human Resources Assistant 604-875-4111 x62328
Michelle Lu Human Resources Assistant (Hiring Solutions Temp) 604-875-5429
Brian Choi Human Resources Assistant 604-875-4772


Name Area of Responsibility Telephone
Anna Meredith Research Manager 604-875-4111 x 21503
Diane Kim Research Coordinator TBD
Sharon Xu Program Assistant, Experimental Medicine 604-875-4111 x 63140