ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes to the UBC Department of Medicine Office of Research

Dear Department of Medicine members,

We are writing to inform you about upcoming changes within the UBC Department of Medicine Office of Research.

After several years of dedicated service, our esteemed colleagues, Dr. Teresa Tsang, Dr. Anna Meredith, and Diane Kim will be departing from their roles with the UBC Department of Medicine.

Dr. Tsang has been an integral part of our department since 2011 as Associate Head, Research, contributing significantly to our research endeavors and fostering a culture of excellence. Similarly, Anna, our Senior Research Manager since 2017, has been instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation of our projects and initiatives. Diane has been a valuable addition to the team, joining as the DASH/Research Coordinator in 2021 and coordinating the highly successful DASH (data and health science research cluster) initiatives. Their contributions have been invaluable, and they will be sincerely missed. We extend our heartfelt wishes for success and fulfillment in their future endeavors.

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed equally skilled and enthusiastic members to join our team. Dr. Najib Ayas will be stepping into the Associate Head, Research role for a five-year term effective June 1, 2024, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that will undoubtedly enrich our research efforts. Stef Cheah will assume the Senior Research Manager position starting July 2, 2024. Stef is joining us from the Faculty of Medicine where she was a Strategic Programs Officer in the Office of Research. Additionally, Varleen Kaur is starting with us as the DASH/Research Coordinator on July 8, 2024. Varleen is joining us from Meddai Medical Inc. We are excited to welcome Dr. Ayas, Stef, and Varleen aboard and look forward to the fresh perspectives and ideas they will bring to our department.

Please join me in expressing our gratitude to Dr. Tsang, Dr. Meredith, and Diane for their outstanding contributions and in extending a warm welcome to Dr. Ayas, Stef, and Varleen as they embark on this new journey with us. Let us continue to work together collaboratively to advance our research goals and uphold the standards of excellence that define the Department of Medicine.

Professor and Eric W. Hamber Chair
Head, Department of Medicine
The University of British Columbia